Brawn: “Vettel knew that Ferrari would be a difficult challenge”


Sebastian Vettel has lived weeks restless. Although the future of the German in the Ferrari is insured, the driver of Heppenheim has been seen as the end of the season has been complicated for Ferrari. The words of Arrivabene at the urging Vettel to focus on his riding, the races of Suzuka and Austin, the problems of Ferrari with high temperatures and the crisis of the messages on the radio in Mexico have certainly left a taste of bitter in the Italian team. A situation that is far from the “stability” Ross Brawn believes that he needs Ferrari on his way to victory.

The last few years Ferrari have not been easy, but I think that the crucial thing for them now is stability,” explained Ross Brawn in a statement to the chain Sky. “There are really good people in the team, they need the right support and the right philosophy. there is Always a pressure of expectations and extra around Ferrari, especially from the media. They must find ways to protect the engineers and all the other technicians so they can focus and work better. When you arrive at the office you have a huge stack of newspapers on the desktop. Ferrari is something that is discussed all over the world“.

According to Brawn, this pressure is now on the shoulders of
Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t know the dynamic of the team, but a couple of
good results now could reverse completely the situation. Sebastian is a
big pilot
and a very intelligent person. I’m sure that when Ferrari
we joined in thinking of the approach of Schumacher. In the last few races we have
seen a little bit anxious
, but has never criticized the team. Sebastian is
working hard to create the right atmosphere. It can be frustrating for
Vettel, but I think Vettel knew that Ferrari would be a difficult challenge and I think
that was one of the reasons why that was allĂ­”.


All in all, Sebastian Vettel accepts that his main objective
you should be driving, but still willing to help in other aspects of the
team: Ferrari is very different. When I joined Red Bull he was 21 years old.
I have a little more experience now, so that is a completely
different. When you grow up, you build a certain experience and you can see the
overall image larger. I think that you change your mind and your perspective in
some of the things. I see that I can help in some part. in The end I’m here for
driving the car, but also to help the team

“He has many responsibilities and he is pushing
very hard and working a lot, so that can’t be denied”
has stated
Vettel with regard to Arrivabene. All in all, the German pilot believes: “There are
a lot of people in the team so that he is not alone. All the world is trying to
of to help as much as you can
. Coordinate 1,300 people is not easy, but
the people who are in the team is doing a very good job. things
look promising for the future
. To achieve success takes a while, so it was
in the Red Bull. He also took time to Mercedes to get their wins”.