Brawn wants more runs and has a plan to convince the teams


Ross Brawn is one of the most brilliant minds in the history of Formula 1 is indisputable and, as a deep knower of the approach that the teams have to compete, and has become a must-have asset to create the new Formula 1 of Liberty Media.

The british talk of a strategic plan three to five years that, in a progressive manner, adjusting the Formula 1 to the needs of the present times, both at the level of spectacle, as the relationship with the fans.

And, in this context, one of the vital points is the calendar of races, which could increase if the foundations to make this possible. Ross Brawn admits that Liberty Media has already discussed the issue with him and the engineer calls for finding a balance. “Liberty Media asked me what limit of races I thought I should have and, before anything else, I told them that we needed to find a balance between quality and quantity. We must make sure we don’t have races without more, because we can increase the number, but the races must be of good quality in good and attractive locations. We must also think about the frequency of racing, to have a good balance of racing perfect”, said in an interview with ESPN.

Ross Brawn is aware that the increase in the number of races goes through to convince the teams that it is good and, for this, aims to enhance the growth of the personal computers so that you can create two separate teams that cover the entire season without requiring more effort to engineers, mechanics and the rest of the human personnel that form a team of Formula 1.

With this in mind, Brawn ensures that “there is a point at which you need to be in agreement with the teams to help and support a greater number of races, because 20 or 21 since it’s hard for the engineers and hard enough for the team staff, to all the traveling. But if you create two teams of staff and engineers, as I think that makes NASCAR, then you can increase it. There is not any reason why we should not have more races, but you can’t do it with the same structure as that of the equipment they currently have, because then you break,” admitted Brawn, who for decades has traveled to the races as a member of different teams.