Brazil: Fiat introduces special series Strada Adventure Extreme

With the excuse of introducing a new infotainment system with a touch screen of large dimensions, the Fiat went on sale in Brazil at the Strada Adventure Extreme.

Fiat-Strada-Adventure-Extreme-1Fiat introduced into the brazilian market to the Strada Adventure Extreme, a special series that incorporates a few alterations aesthetic exterior and that fundamentally enriching its equipment with the addition of a new system of information and entertainment.

By the time this series is only available in the versions of crew cab and extended cab, although before the end of the year will also be extended to the rest of the versions of the range Strada Adventure.

special series Extreme are recognized for their alloy wheels of 16 inches with painting the sole, under the front bumper are dark like the grill, headlights with black mask and two new shades for the body called Green Amazon and White Kalahari.

Fiat-Strada-Adventure-Extreme-2however the main feature of the special series Fiat Strada Adventure Extreme has to do with the addition of a new infotainment system equipped with touch screen of 6.2 inches, which includes an integrated navigation system, television, digital, camera back, DVD player and Bluetooth link.

the rest of The equipment is similar to the rest of the Adventure series. The special series is for the buyer a savings of 25% with respect to the additional elements that make it up. Its price part of the 64.750 real, that is to say a 17.361 us dollars at the current exchange.