Brazil: Fiat Palio was the most sold during April


In April were sold in Brazil 219 350 vehicles , including the Fiat Palio started first position and secondly Chevrolet Onix since. The Toyota Corolla! managed to sneak into the Top 10.


Fiat-Palio-Attractive L to selling vehicles in Brazil is marking a fall during the last April suffered a decline of 25.19 from the previous month.

In February were sold in Brazil A total of 219 350 vehicles , considering cars and light commercial vehicles, including SUVs are. This means that so far in 2015, the market suffers a drop of 9.9% over the previous year.

Falling in Brazil and accumulates 9.9% so far this year.

The Fiat Palio placed back in February at top sales in the Brazilian market, with 8,841 units marketed by combining two generations.

The Chevrolet Onix fell this month from the first to the second position, although very close to the first step with 8,783 units sold , while the Hyundai HB20, ascended the third step, with 8,753 units.

Fiat continues to lead the ranking of manufacturers in Brazil, managing to place 3 models from 10 Bestsellers of that market. For his part, Toyota Corolla achieves located in the top ten , when placed on the last potion, with 5,760 units.

sales rank in April 2015

1 Fiat Palio 8,841
2 Chevrolet Onix 8,783
3 Hyundai HB20 8,753
4 Fiat Strada 8,598
May Fiat Uno 8,011
6 Ford Ka 7,854
7 Volkswagen Gol 7,524
8 Renault Sandero 7.238
9 Chevrolet Prism 5,770
Toyota Corolla 10 5,760





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