Brazil is negotiating a free trade agreement with Colombia and Peru


Brazil tries to achieve a free trade agreement which sends cars without tariffs to Peru and Ecuador . With a local industry in crisis, the idea is to strengthen the sector and preserve jobs.


FCA-Jeep-Pernambuco E he Brazilian market is not going through his best moments, with sales of cars come tumbling in recent months . The situation of its main trading partner in the Mercosur is not much more encouraging, as sales of new cars Argentina also takes months to decline.

With the sector in crisis, Brazil is trying to preserve jobs.

All this can not be said that the Mercosur bloc enjoys very good health and there are those who suggest that Brazil is already working to achieve new agreements with the European Union. But while that happens, Brazilians have begun to establish negotiations with Peru , in terms of achieving a trade agreement automotive agree without tariffs. The objective has to do with expanding exports of vehicles to the rest of Latin America, partly to alleviate the crisis in the local market.

But besides Peru, delegates of foreign trade are also working with Colombia to get a similar trade agreement. Unlike what happens in Peru, Colombia has launched an industry with plants like General Motors (Colomotores) Renault (SOFASA) and other producing trucks and buses .

In 2014 were sold in Peru 183 913 vehicles, but only 3.6% of them was produced in Brazil , although its import tariff from the carioca country is only 2.8% quite low compared to 6% applied to other origins.

In Colombia where last year a total of was sold 328 529 units , the tax must now pay for the vehicles from Brazil is 16.1%, well below 35% that applies to those from other regions.

This trade agreement would charge much sense, especially in the case of Colombia, where Brazil could have its greatest opportunity. The goal is increase exports local manufacturers and preserve jobs. The sector faces a serious crisis, with high idle capacity and downsizing.

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