Brazil – January 2017: The Hyundai Crete arrives at the dealers


The Hyundai Crete debuts in the south american market

Hit by the severe economic crisis that is plaguing the country, the sales of cars in Brazil continue to fall though this time less pronounced. In January were sold 143.580 units, which implies a decrease in only 4.1% with respect to the same month of the previous year.

There has been no surprise in the two top places in the ranking of cars sold. The Chevrolet Onix is perpetuated in the first place followed as usual Hyundai HB20. The third place has been for the Ford Ka, completing a podium identical to that of December 2016.

Other models, however, do not get to stay up and
subsides posts. It is the case of the veteran Fiat Palio (12th), once
best selling in Brazil, which has remained outside the Top 10 losing 60% of
its demand in comparison with January of 2016, without a doubt canibalizado in part by
the new Fiat Mobi (13th).


The new Jeep Compass is already the second SUV sold in Brazil

In this first month of the year has been premiered at the dealers brasileiros a model which is expected to be very important in this market, the new Hyundai Crete. The SUV of the hyundai brand aims to be one of the stars of its segment in January and has been placed 1.182 units of Crete, a good figure to be his debut.

Since then, the crossover segment is getting very interesting because they are coming competitors to follow closely. It is also the case of the Nissan Kicks, which just takes a few months for sale and in January succeeded in enrolled 1.973 units. Also highlights the Jeep Compass, who in his third month on the market has reached 3.093 units. In this way the Compass is 14th in the ranking and is only bested by an SUV, the Honda HR-V (10th).

In the ranking of manufacturers Chevrolet maintains a comfortable first position while its two main rivals are each time more far away. Fiat (2nd) has seen reduced its sales by 14% and Volkswagen (3rd) in 13%. This situation contrasts with that of Ford (4th), which rises a magnificent 20%.

Sales model

The most cars sold in Brazil are:

Ranking Model Sales jan’17
1 Chevrolet Onix 13.900
2 Hyundai HB20 7.362
3 Ford Ka 7.079
4 Volkswagen Gol 5.073
5 Fiat Strada 4.412
6 Renault Sandero 4.277
7 Chevrolet Prism 4.064
8 Toyota Corolla 4.014
9 Volkswagen Fox / CrossFox 3.592
10 Honda HR-V 3.268
11 Fiat Toro 3.258
12 Fiat Palio 3.171
13 Fiat Mobi 3.169
14 Jeep Compass 3.093
15 Toyota Etios Hatch 3.018
16 Volkswagen Saveiro 2.915
17 Volkswagen Up! 2.755
18 Jeep Renegade 2.731
19 Hyundai HB20S 2.646
20 Toyota Hilux 2.545

Sales by brand

manufacturers have enrolled the following units:

Ranking Brand Sales jan’17
1 Chevrolet 27.643
2 Fiat 19.851
3 Volkswagen 18.134
4 Ford 13.727
5 Toyota 12.891
6 Hyundai 12.295
7 Renault 9.062
8 Honda 8.741
9 Jeep 5.927
10 Nissan 5.382
11 Peugeot 1.877
12 Citroën 1.797
13 Mitsubishi 1.441
14 Mercedes 800
15 Kia 582
16 BMW 580
17 Audi 571
18 Land Rover 420
19 JAC 290
20 Suzuki 262
21 Volvo 240