Brazil: Overtime to increase production of Honda HR-V


The demand for the new HR-V sustained continuously in Brazil, with longer waiting lists than three months . In this context, the Brazilian plant increased the daily output up to 652 units. [1.99901 million]


Honda-HR-V-Mercosur L he workers of the factory Honda has in the Brazilian town of Sumaré are doing 1 hour and 40 minutes of extra time a day. These changes made it possible to increase production of 540 units, up to a new high of 652 vehicles per day . [1.99901 million]

Of these vehicles, 240 units belong to brand HR-V compact SUV that is having a very high demand in Brazil . [1.99901 million]

Due to the high demand for HR-V, Brazilian workers do overtime.

With these changes in the production plan, annual production will jump 20 thousand units from the current 120 thousand vehicles, until a new total of 140,000 units per year . [1.99901 million]

recently time and due to high demand for HR-V, the volume of production of the Fit had to be reduced, a situation that just may be resolved next year when Honda opens its second plant in Itirapina , where the production of the minivan will move. [1.99901 million]

According to the manufacturer, the demand for HR-V in the Brazilian market can not meet in full, so in most versions equipped EXL waiting lists and reach 100 days while in the version LX Access the wait is 30 days. [1.99901 million]

Moreover, the decline in production of the Honda Fit is affecting the supply for that product to other markets in the region, such as Argentina, where its continued launch delayed.





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