Brazil: The Ford Fiesta Sport comes with sporty costume


Ford-New-Fiesta-Sport C on the passage of the years and has become a real classic South American arrival of models with surname Sport simply limited to incorporating some aesthetic elements associating visual with a sportier product, while maintaining the same mechanical basis than conventional models.

It is precisely the case Ford New Fiesta Sport , a variant of looking more aggressive Party KD produced in Brazil , which adds some exterior and interior elements that combine to provide a somewhat more sporty look , but keeping the same engine, suspension and brakes product series.

The Ford Fiesta Sport incorporates sporty aesthetic details.

Its aesthetic differences are a front bumper with integrated spoiler headlights with black mask, side skirts, rear bumper specific design, rear spoiler, the housing wall mirrors painted in black shiny , like wheels 16 inch hallucinate. For the body, Ford reserve colore just like to offer in the Sport variant, the Arizona Red, Arctic White and Black Pearly Bristol .

also has the emblem that identifies the special series attached to the rear of the body, on the threshold of doors and embroidered on the back of the front seats. Under the hood there is nothing new, since it uses the same Sigma TiVCT engine block with 1.6 liters and 125 horsepower associated with a five-speed manual transmission.

Among its options are standard equipment on electronic stability control and traction AdvanceTrac assistant for hill start, ABS and front airbags. Moreover, it is offered with automatic climate control, front and rear electric lifts crystals, multimedia computer with s ystem AppLink, Ford SYNC and connectivity with voice commands, among the most notable.

The Ford Fiesta Sport already on sale Brazil and by the time his arrival in other markets is expected in the region.


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