Brazil: The Renault Kwid will enter production in September 2016

Renault-Kwid-4Renault Brazil announced that the Kwid will enter production from the month of September of the next year. It is a product that in Latin America, will arrive as substitute of veteran Clio second-generation, which according to the markets, yet is marketed under the name My, Style, or Campus.

some weeks Ago leaked the first images of the patent register brazils, that allowed to observe some of the modifications that will have the Renault Kwid, that will be produced in Brazil. The slight alterations, just affect a clearance is somewhat lower and the handles of the yertas painted in the same color as the body.

But also expect some modifications at the structural level, with reinforcements to improve rigidity and achieve a greater resistance, in an attempt to place to achieve better results in the tests of impact, because LatinNCAP is based on standards far more demanding than those currently in force in India.

At the mechanistic level it is expected that the Renault Kwid south american use the same engine 3-cylinder, 0.8-liter displacement, but conveniently adapted to operate in Flex mode. In its home market, the engine has a performance of 54 HP and 72 Nm of torque.

Renault hopes to achieve a sale price in Brazil around the 30,000 real, that is about $ 7,500 at current exchange, a low price considering its competitors, but considerably higher than the 3,800 dollars that it costs the Renault Kwid in India.