Brazilian GP: Alonso: “Interlagos is very fluid, I love it”


McLaren will face the race in Brazil with the firm purpose of amending the bad result harvested in Mexico, in which none of their pilots was able to reach Q3 and, subsequently, to the points.

Fernando Alonso saves a great memory of Interlagos, since you were able to celebrate his two world titles on the track in brazil and is the second driver with most podiums there with eight and is exceeded only by the ten of Michael Schumacher.

“I Think any driver likes to run at Interlagos. It is a special place, no doubt. And in the last race we have seen how important it is that the stands are filled with passionate supporters. Brazil is not different in that sense. The back is very short, but the circuit is very fluid. Since I cross the finish line, you attack the eses, and then you see the lower section of the path”.

“despite the fact that you have a pair of forks, the truth is that you don’t have the feeling that none of these curves interrupt the rhythm of the lap. That means that you come to the end of the turn and you return to the attack again. The place I love. In this race you can feel a unique sensation when you’re sitting in your race car on the starting grid. It seems that you have the fans on top of you, because they are very close. The atmosphere and intensity are phenomenal. After a disappointing weekend in Mexico, I think that we will try to recover in Brazil. One of our goals is to take the maximum advantage of the training and the classification, so as to give ourselves the best possible chance of keeping us in a better position during the race”.

Jenson Button he has also written very important pages of your sporting career in Brazil, since in 2009, it was proclaimed World Champion at Interlagos after a nice comeback. The british highlights the path, in which the pianos low allow you to attack each corner, making it very satisfying to pilot.

“The Interlagos circuit has a little bit of… how could I say? Muscle, that is. It is a place in which you have to attack. Is very funny, especially when the front of your car is working properly. It is very satisfying to draw well curves as the Ferradura. You must attack at the entrance of the curve without hardly reducing speed and, then, the car moves only toward the second vertex and hence the vertex of the piano”.

“Interlagos is great. You can push even on the forks, because you can hop on to the pianos. And the curves do not have many loopholes. Is as it should be racing in reality. I love the place and I have wanted to arrive by the weekend. Always played good Formula 1 race, it is always a good climax to the final part of the season.”

“I Hope we get a better result than Mexico and that we work to return to the points. there are Only a couple of races and we’ll give everything to our fantastic brazilian fans. The atmosphere of Interlagos is always special. We will go out to the track and give them a great weekend of racing”.


Eric Boullier, Sports Director of McLaren, hopes that this time the physiognomy of the path of são paulo state is better adapted than the previous one in Mexico. In addition, expected that a circuit in which the pilot can make the difference to a greater extent than in other, experts McLaren drivers can shine.

“In the last few races we have seen that our performance has fluctuated according to the characteristics of each circuit. We are working hard to Polish those differences that we see in function of the track on the run, but it is inevitable that some are better suited than others to the strengths of our car.”

“Interlagos is a true test for car and driver, and often see it as just a sparkle in their great drivers. Is very demanding and at the same time it is a track known for how difficult it is to dominate it when it rains, especially because the circuit has many areas of camber negative.”

“With the city of Sao Paulo in the background, the enthusiastic brazilian fans, and the nature undulating circuit, this is one of the Great Prizes the most exciting of the entire year. McLaren have a good history of success there. Both Fernando and Jenson got their championships there. It is a special place for our team. Interlagos deserves his status of legend in the calendar and we hope to live a positive weekend at this amazing venue”.

Yusuke Hasegawa remember the great story that Ayrton Senna and Honda, they lived together and is something that the brazilian fans will never forget, so that the maximum responsible for the brand hopes to be able to provide them with a good career.

“The Grand Prix of Brazil is always special for Honda in our history, with Ayrton Senna. Local fans give us a warm welcome every time we go there, that impulse motivates us throughout the weekend.”

“The Interlagos circuit is very challenging. Its undulating curve and the consecutive changes in elevation create a beautiful scenery, but those curves and demand a lot of the setups on the car. The track is also narrow and the central area is slow and twisty, so overtaking will be difficult.”

“last year we made more noise on the social networks with Fernando Alonso in the standings in the circuit. This year, we know that we can demonstrate our progress to the brazilian fans and to provide a better performance. We expect that to be a good weekend of racing”.