Brazilian GP: Alonso: “Patience, everything will change”


The Spanish rider continues to be patient with the continuing problems in the McLaren and, after to stay out of the Q1 without even being able to mark a first reference time, responded to the media asking for patience and showing calm before the situation. In what concerns the performance of the car in this Brazilian Grand Prix, Alonso said he was confident of having been able to enter the Q2 if the car had endured. “we weren’t too fast, but I think that it was possible to get into Q2. The car worked well in the free 3 and the three curves that I could fly , but I was without power and we were not able to finish”, noting that “reliability continues to be a problem, so we’ll start from the back and we’ll see if we can finish the race”.

Already on a more general level, Alonso continued to call for patience in the face of the future, appeared confident that the team is doing what due to that in 2016 things will change radically. “we are Not discovering anything new. Throughout the year it is being as well and we know that we must be patient. It is frustrating and disappointing, first for ourselves and for our fans, but we need patience because everything will change. Big problems, big solutions, which I think are the ones that are taking”.


In that sense it has also been pronounced Jenson Button in an interview offered to the Brand, which, if well supported, which is not seen struggling to win in 2016, yes he admits that the team has “taken a huge step forward in the last two months and would not have decided to stay the next year if not optimistic. There will be a big change in regulations next year and I don’t think that we are going to fight for wins. Can that I surprised myself, I hope so, but I think that we will be faster and more competitive, we’ll take steps forward, to be in front of a computer, and not two tenths more close to a computer. That is what we want, go to improve and perhaps have the opportunity to fight for the victory if all goes well a weekend or you are lucky with the weather”.

For that to happen, Button admits that the whole team must improve, not only Honda. “I Think that we all need to improve, it is not just Honda, it is not only McLaren. If we want to fight before, we have to change in all areas. We are strong on strategy, but in terms of the engine, the aerodynamics or the grip mechanic there is nothing that is as it has to be, said Jenson, always outspoken to the press.