Brazilian GP: Alonso: “there Will be a day in which you have to go against Vettel”


Fernando Alonso has managed to rescue a point for McLaren
in the GP of Brazil after curdle a great comeback in the final stretch of the race.
The Spanish, who came to shoot in the seventh position during a phase of the test,
cometió a spinning top on the rise of the third sector, which dropped him back to last
position of the group in the absence of a few laps from the end. After the end of
tenth, Alonso was particularly critical of Sebastian Vettel,
the German pulled out of the track of the spaniard when the Ferrari driver was in
full progression.

Asked about the manoeuvre of Vettel at turn 3, Fernando Alonso was pretty
categorical: I don’t think anything happening now with what Vettel, but they
already done. There was a way to escape the asphalt, I went by there and nothing happened. If
there was a wall there or I’m going against the wall or I’m going against Vettel
, that will be the
that will surely do the next time. If I go against him sure that you will lose more
points that I do. there Will be a day in which you have to go against Vettel so that you know
the circuit is all”.

In more general terms, the pilot asturian valued his
actions by stating: the race was very stressful for all.
Keep the car on track was about the only thing that you could do at times.
Difficult, but well, a point and a single career ahead. At the end
rain does not have the visibility that we have on other occasions. I’ve done all
the race with the mirrors clouded over
and without being able to see anything of what was


In this line, the pilot of McLaren said: “Get
with good taste being the tenth. It has been a chaotic race that could have
opportunities, but we were not fast enough. we have Not taken advantage of
the career in terms of points
. In fun has been a fun run, on
everything for the viewer. For us, it has been a career of ups and downs, not
I think that we should be too good in rain today. In the first part it seemed that
the group in front was leaving and Valtteri Bottas I was pushing very hard for
behind. we didn’t have the pace needed, we have to improve more“.

finally, in relation to the decisions of the Direction of
Career, Alonso has said: at The end applies the common sense. The
conditions were difficult and each time I restarted the race after the
Safety Car nothing could be seen. What we saw with the crash of Kimi when he lost the
control. It ended in a side of the circuit, because if it becomes
end up in the middle surely we would have taken him ahead of any of
those who came behind. The most difficult thing was the visibility and aquaplaning
in some curves
. The stop the race at times I guess that was the option