Brazilian GP: Dissatisfaction in the Red Bull for the small mistakes in Q3


The complexity of Interlagos and the humid conditions that began the classification foreshadowed a good result for Red Bull with respect to the Ferrari cars. Unfortunately for the team of austria, the Scuderia snatched the third place, and their two cars occupy the zone pair of the second and third row, with two cars italians out to the left of both of them in a better position.

throughout the classification, Max Verstappen seemed to be the strongest man out of Ferrari, scoring good returns with solvency in Q1 and Q2, and his first attempt in Q3 seemed to be good enough to secure third place, but Kimi Räikkönen grabbed in the last instance, and the Dutch will have to take the output of the Brazilian Grand Prix from the fourth position.

The young driver of the Dutch regretted an error in the curve 8 which, according to him, gave to the fret with your last set of tyres, but considered that his performance had been expected by him and close to the maximum that Red Bull could achieve in this classification. Also, expect that the rain will make act of presence on the Sunday, given that the setup of the Milton Keynes seems to be more oriented to these weather conditions:

“Everything went pretty well in Q1 and Q2, but in Q3 it was not so, I am disappointed with my last attempt. The first sector was pretty good, I was going two tenths faster, but, somehow, I lost a lot of grip in the curve 8, and if something happens like that, your tires are finished. Was not happy with the grip of the new game. Expect someone to put in front, so that Kimi comes out ahead is not a big surprise. Even so, we’ve been very close to the third position, which, realistically, is the best we can do in dry conditions, so I’m happy.”

“it is certain that we will be closer to (Mercedes). Seem very strong, I’ll admit, but our car enjoys a bit more wet, and I also. We are among the Ferrari, so we will have a fun race, especially if the weather changes. It is a pity that it has not rained in qualifying: with a bit of wet track, our level of grip compared to other cars it should be noted, and the pace in long runs seems to be good.”

Verstappen, in addition, did not miss the opportunity to comment jokingly on the information regarding a visit from Niki Lauda to the leaders of Red Bull to request that their drivers are not causing any kind of incident: “I have Not paid much attention to the stories of Mercedes talking with Red Bull. Niki (Lauda) has been in our hospitality, but he just likes our food and drinks, are very good. It’s austrian, so maybe he just wanted a drink austrian”.

Daniel Ricciardo, for his part, he performed one of his classifications more discrete this season, which could only be sixth, being overtaken by its main rival. The australian rider admitted that he had sin of lack of aggressiveness after a good first sector:

“I’m a little disappointed. It has been only that final lap, probably could not keep up with the balance. Did a good first sector, and then I tried to save him, rather than taking more time that lap. I have been somewhat conservative. Maybe I’m being harsh on myself, but there were a couple of curves trying not to make a mistake, instead of trying to gain time”.

“It’s a tough one, and a short lap, so that it is difficult to compensate an error in a curve. We knew that we would be very hand in hand with Ferrari in dry conditions, and we have been close to, that makes it more frustrating, but I will learn from it. Is fun when it is matched, but not so much when you are the last of the group. The forecast all week has been that the Sunday had the highest odds of rain. Let’s hope that is true, only for animate things up a bit”.