Brazilian GP: Esteban Gutierrez makes clear that his disagreement with Steiner was the result of the “passion” and the “adrenalina”


Esteban Gutiérrez added one more chapter to his disappointing season 2016, with the a new abandonment, the fifth of the year, in a Brazilian Grand Prix that was presented as a great opportunity to add to the points that have eluded the whole of the season the mexican driver. Gutierrez rode in twelfth position when he began to suffer electronic problems after the fourth and final Safety Car of the race, which caused its abandonment at around 60.

The television cameras caught a Gutierrez noticeably angry nothing more to get off the car, throwing the gloves on the ground. In a repetition later, in addition, could be observed a situation of anger when Guenther Steiner, team leader at Haas, he tried to contain his pilot his arm. It was a moment of maximum tension, more still occur days after it is known that the mexican will not be in the team, to be replaced by the Danish Kevin Magnussen.

Gutierrez wanted to clarify ex post the situation, explaining that his anger was not with the team or with Steiner, if not with the situation itself, and that this small discrepancy was due to a moment of maximum adrenaline.

it was Only a circumstance wrong, at the wrong time. I was not angry with anyone, he was just angry at the situation. So it has been quite often this year: whenever I had a chance, something goes wrong. I do not blame anyone specifically. Günther came up to me at the wrong time, and all hell broke loose. there Was a little passion there. We laugh about it after. It is important to make it clear that it was just the situation, the wrong time. You have to understand that, sometimes, there is a lot of adrenaline.

with Respect to the race, Gutierrez lamented that his good pace it is not reflected with points, although he admitted to have enjoyed riding in the rain.

“on the one hand, it was fun, it was cool to ride in those conditions. It was very complicated, but when we started running we recovered positions, we start to go forward with a good pace, and we had a good opportunity to score points. It was then when I started having a problem with the electronics. It was very painful, because being in that position, with an opportunity to score points and having good pace, it was another situation that was not in our hands. We had to stop, it was quite dangerous to ride as well. In the braking, was accelerating and lifting, as if it were a switch“.