Brazilian GP: Fiasco at Williams: Bottas and Massa out of Q3


Felipe Massa. Photo: Williams F1

“The classification has been disappointing”. So clear was Rob Smedley, head of engineering Williams, after Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa were eliminated in Q2 and had to settle with the posts 11 and 13 on the starting grid for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Especially taking into account that his car had been fast, especially in a turn. “we Were just a few tenths from the Ferrari, but at the moment we needed the laps didn’t come out”, added the british.

Massa and Bottas progressed to Q2 loosely. After your first back at this stage, Valtteri was seventh and Felipe eighth. But, in the midst of a fierce struggle for access to the round final, with the success and failure separated by thousandths, were overtaken by the McLaren of Alonso, Haas, Grosjean and the Force India of Perez and Hülkenberg.

Especially upset ended Felipe Massa, in his last Grand Prix of Brazil, which is going to mark its presence number 250 in a Large Prize. The only satisfaction to the pilot of Sao Paulo was to feel the heat of the crooked brazilian, who hopes to be able to compensate with a better result in the race.

Expected to be able to easily enter in Q3, but
car did not work properly and the front tires stopped
. I had understeer and my best lap in Q2 turned out to be the
first. But it has been amazing to get out of the car and notice the support of the
people, feel the love that I have them and that they feel for me. It is
they are who I am not happy, but tomorrow I will give everything for
offer them a better result in my last race here in Brazil

The ace in the sleeve of Williams for the race may be the possibility of choosing tires for the output. As well expressed Valtteri Bottas, that in addition to not just be explained as rapid as had been some opponents, probably in reference to the Haas-Grosjean.

Our speed and our set-ups have been good all weekend, but for some reason we have not been fast enough, while there have been other cars surprisingly fast. But the race is tomorrow, it will be again a fight with the Force India and at least we may have an advantage with the strategy.