Brazilian GP: Force India to close down mathematically its best historical classification


Photo: Force India

Since its entry into the Formula 1, Force India has been in progression, abandoning first the ‘lower class’ of the grill, to be installed later in the ‘middle’, and he came now to the ‘high’. The tenth place he achieved in his first world championship (2008), is already far away. Also the ninth of the following year, before settling down in the middle of the pack to be seventh in 2010 and 2012 and sixth in 2011, 2013 and 2014. The team based in Silverstone is touching the attainment of the fifth plaza in 2015, which would be the best of its history. Excels in 41 points to Lotus and you only need to add in Brazil three more points, which has been his main rival throughout the season, to make sure mathematically to be fifths.

If Perez and Hulkenberg get three points more than Maldonado and Grosjean in Interlagos, would be able to afford in the last race the luxury of a double abandonment, and that Lotus will sign a doublet in first and second place, something that seems utopian. The director, Vijay Mallya, expressed before traveling to Brazil, the desire to tie what they have pursued throughout the year: “If we scored well, we can take the fifth place in the championship, which is the priority. I’m sure you can make it, and put both cars in the points, it would be a great way to celebrate our best result in the history”. Force India has taken advantage of the disastrous performance of McLaren to eliminate a rival, and has been imposed on Lotus. But it could still be mathematically quarters ahead of the Red Bull, even if that goal is as distant as it is close to being fifths.

Despite the fact that it is likely that you do not reach the score of 2014 (155, compared to 112 points in which they are currently), you must take into account that they started the championship with a version not definitive of its chassis, which was put on track only three days to finish the preseason. Only have been left with no points in four races, especially for the contribution of Checo PĂ©rez, which is doing its best year (with a podium finish included). In Brazil he has only scored once (6th with McLaren in 2013). His teammate Hulkenberg has been dotted with four of their five visits to Interlagos, getting a pole position in 2010 and leading the race 2012 for 30 laps until his touch with Hamilton. Both Nico as Sergio have a shot to beat the record from Force India, and Brazil can be a witness.