Brazilian GP: Grosjean blames Pirelli for your accident: “you can’t control the car in a straight line”


Romain Grosjean saw as the best result of the team Haas in a classification of Formula 1 was ruined before you even start the race. The French driver lost control of the car when heading to the grill, impacting against the shields, and must abandon any aspirations of competing in Interlagos.

Grosjean thinks that the problem is the rain tires, not fulfilling their role properly and prevent to be able to compete with freedom in conditions such as those that are taking place today at Interlagos. “Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I saw two other cars having the same problem, so we need to improve the wet tyres. In my case I was not tightening even. This shows that the tire end is very poor and has no grip. You must take many risks, you can’t control the car in a straight line”.

The French are lamenting the missed opportunity for Haas, furthermore specifying that in the moment of losing control of the car, I wasn’t even riding at high speed. “From hero to zero in less than 24 hours. We had a good starting position, but was just doing laps of arrival to grill on the climb and not going to fund. I had some skating in the rear tires and trompeé, nothing that I could control”.