Brazilian GP: live classification (pole) of the GP Brazil F1 2016 at Interlagos

Pole position for Brazilian GP – Interlagos

The screens of the circuit encrypts the possibility of rain 70%. Will it be enough to see falling water?16:55

Sebastian Vettel has some sort of problem with his gearbox. His mechanics try to fix it in a hurry.16:52

¡10 minutes! For the moment, it is not raining, but the sky remains threatening.16:49

In the last free practice sessions, Rosberg began to raise its level. Do you see the pole? The chronicle of David Sánchez de Castro: Rosberg plant face-to-Hamilton16:47

¡Very good (and rainy?) afternoon! Prepared already in the to tell you the classification of the Grand Prix of Brazil, which will start at Interlagos in half an hour, except that a worldwide flood is prevented. The keyboard Adrián Fernández, a greeting to all!16:32

There is an unwritten rule in Formula 1, for which any circumstance contemplated or not, can happen in a week-end in Interlagos when the liquid element. The rain has fallen on the circuit of brazilian this Saturday, wetting only the first few minutes of a Free 3 whose relevance seems smaller than ever with respect to the classification. And it is expected that the rain appears with more intensity this afternoon as the Sunday. The dilemma is evident: what set of dry or wet?

With that question in the air face Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton a classification decisive. Know that the title is at stake, that no one threatens their privileged positions, and hitting first can be a moral trump card, but one mistake can seriously compromise your options. Behind, Ferrari and Red Bull are kept waiting, alternating between seeking to be again the best of the rest. Williams has been much more solid that Force India this weekend and intends to continue in the struggle for the fourth place in constructors, whereas McLaren and Toro Rosso bordering the top 10 without too much conviction, and with the presence of a surprising Renault. All of them wait for the time to give them a chance to shine. Whether they do or not, in’ll tell you everything that happens up to the minute, strictly live.