Brazilian GP: Ricciardo: “The new engine has not proven to have what we want”


it Was hoped that the new engine, with which Renault used 11 of the 12 tokens that were available for this season, signified a step forward both in lap times as in power delivery, but the results have been clearly insufficient.

Daniel Ricciardo utillizó the new specification, while Daniil Kvyat continued with the old in this Grand Prix of Brazil. The australian rider admitted that Renault “you must go back to the design table”, although wanted to shed some optimism by pointing out that it was worth the change of engine in spite of the penalties, because that allowed them to “to get some clarity. We had to see if there were positive signs and if what they had seen on the test bench coincided with what we felt on the track. In fact, we haven’t provided anything in terms of lap times, only a penalty and a little more knowledge”, recognized a disappointed Ricciardo, who ended up pointed out that “I was slower than Daniil on the straights, so it is very possible that it was a disadvantage”.

With the uncertainty of who will be the supplier of engines for 2016, and with the hypothesis of a new agreement between Red Bull and Renault following the negative of Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda to sign a contract on the terms required by the computer with license in austria, Daniel Ricciardo points out that the team needs to “something better” Renault, “to try something different or whatever if we want to continue together next year. I am sure that we can learn from this or that Renault can learn from this, now it is about trying to bring together everything learned and give us your lap time. I would say that in the last two years we have learned a lot with Renault, and these thrust units, but has not been translated, much to the lap times”.

With the last Grand Prix in perspective, the possibility of re-testing the new engine there is a time that has been used at Interlagos and the penalty is already a fact, but Ricciardo doesn’t have anything clear that will continue to insist with him. “For the moment, has not proven to be the ingredient that we look for, right now, we have no interest in using it in Abu Dhabi”.