Brazilian GP: Sainz: “Get more out of a sixth-place finish today, it was difficult to”


Carlos Sainz has finished sixth at Interlagos, matching
thus the result recorded in Austin and Barcelona. With his best result of
new under the arm, the pilot Toro Rosso was very satisfied after
complete without a single mistake, a career is very complex, in which the
aquaplaning has been a torture
for all pilots. The Spanish, who came to
roll room during a large part of the test, succumbed in the final straight of the
Grand Prize at the push of the drivers that came with rain tires
extreme more new. All in all, this sixth post again

I Am super happy” he stated with a smile
Carlos Sainz. “The rain came, it was what we needed, and we took advantage
the opportunity. Get more out of a sixth-place finish today, it was difficult to. I have
tried the whole race to follow ‘Czech’, we had a similar pace and the
end with the tires ends very used there was a lot of aquaplaning and that
came with new tires as Verstappen we have advance. Is another sixth
that we did not expect, you can’t be more happy

In this line, the pilot Toro Rosso said: I Already said that if it was raining you could opt for something. I have not lied
because I knew that in the dry it was impossible to do a sixth, and if it rained it was possible.
Finish the race is already an achievement for the amount of aquaplaning we had and the
little visibility. The people will from home that this is no longer the F1 of before,
but with this tire that we carry, and the water we had was not easy. Already
have you not seen those who have crashed on the same curva”.


In relation to the competing interests of the riders to stop or continue the race, Sainz said: “Each cares for his own interest. I Am convinced that Hamilton, with no one ahead, she wanted to run, but the who was eleventh, without seeing anything, and to 300 km/h, pudiĆ©ndote find a car in front, he did not much grace. The problem is when you spend several laps the Safety Car, because in the end it comes more water. Or to run or not to run, but those long runs behind the Safety Car were worse for the conditions of the circuit. At the end nothing has happened, so it has not been due to do so badly”.

With everything, Sainz claimed to be before one of the
Great Prizes more complicated than has been disputed:Is one of the races
most difficult I have ever done in my life
. The people do not know what it is to take nearly
900 HP without being able to go in depth in the seventh to 300 km/h and losing the car without
will own the line. Sometimes you underestimate what is, above all, do not see
nothing. When Kimi has done the spin I was fully inside and I’ve
. I have seen a red car in front ten metres of mine, just to
to bypass it and not have an accident”.

finally, the pilot in madrid concluded:We have
coped quite well with cars that dry us out two seconds per lap
Although in the wet it reduces this advantage, that one second per lap, I will
put always because it is the law of the F1. stay with them for a long time with a
tire is very worn it is to be happy