Brazilian GP: The 'aquaplaning' destroys the career of Vettel and Räikkönen


The few options of Ferrari finished the constructors ‘ championship in second position were dashed after the dispute of the Brazilian Grand Prix, in which the spoils of the Scuderia was far from expected after a Saturday productive. Your best bet, Kimi Räikkönen, lost the third position in the early stages of the race, and although she endured with solvency in the first few laps, the finn suffered a terrible accident on lap 22 that caused the first red flag of the race.

The pilot of Ferrari lost suddenly the control of the car in the straight and crossed the track, being dodged by little by Nico Hülkenberg and Esteban Ocon, before crashing back against a wall, staying in contradirección. Räikkönen commented that the loss of control was absolutely unexpected, and criticized the inability of the current tyres of water from Pirelli to evacuate water:

“The conditions today were very tricky. When you give so many laps behind the Safety Car, it becomes even more difficult. It was not raining very hard, but there was a lot of standing water. The biggest problem was aquaplaning, and didn’t expect to get it on straight. The wet tyres are very vulnerable and prone to aquaplaning. Obviously, it depends on the circuit and other things, but compared to a few years ago, these tires could handle that kind of water without problems of aquaplaning“.

Sebastian Vettel if you were able to finish the race, although in the fifth position in which he began, after a career that had to deal with counter after a spinning top. The German pilot eventually managed to regain some positions, though to be stuck several turns after Carlos Sainz we ended up taking the position with Max Verstappen, and lose the chance of reaching to Sergio Perez.

Vettel stated after the race that sand had felt quite uncomfortable in the car for quite a few laps, and considered that the action of Verstappen, in which the pilot Dutch made him draw on the outside of the track on Bico do Pato, was at the limit of legality.

“Obviously, today has not been ideal. In the first part of the race I had some aquaplaning and trompeé, but I was not the only one. In the end, it has been a good recovery at the end. It has been difficult to trace, and I struggled to pass Sainz. I don’t know why I needed so many laps to start to feel good in the car, and by then it was too late”.

“I Was fighting in parallel with Verstappen, and he saw me. I still had some of my front by front, I was going much faster, so it was taking the curve and managed to pass. was Not a maneuver difficult, but I don’t think that was quite correct. But I do not complain of anything today: I have not been the only one who has suffered from aquaplaning, but luckily I have not crashed”.