Brazilian GP: The briefings are “as a nursery” for Daniil Kvyat


a little over a month, it has emerged information in German media that spoke of the FOM would be evaluating the possibility of distributing the recordings of the briefings, the meetings prior to each Grand Prix between the pilots and those responsible for the organization of the same. Historically, these meetings have served to make the pilots moved their concerns with the director of career Charlie Whiting, and were widely glorified by the appearance of one of them in the documentary Senna. However, Daniil Kvyat does not seem to be in agreement with the way in which these meetings take place today.

The Russian pilot, which has recently been shown critical to making decisions regarding changes of address defensive, qualify these briefings “day-care” in which the pilots did not stop interpelarse each other, and believes it should be structured differently to reduce their length and that Whiting may receive an opinion more clear on the part of the pilots, advocating by passing on their own ideas.

“I Think that should be more private, because, when one cries, the other guy yells, and there are others who won’t stop talking… sometimes the meetings are fastidiosamente long for no reason, just because someone feels that he wants to talk. Maybe Charlie should structure it differently, listen to the opinion of a pilot, then the other, join them all and see what happens, I don’t know.

“again, I can not tell Charlie what to do, he knows what to do. I prefer to speak with him face to face, because sometimes everything that is discussed in the briefings makes them as a nursery, and I don’t want to be a part of this day care, to be honest. I have good arguments that I will try to move, and we’ll see if someone you like”.

When asked about their experience in the lower categories in which it has competed (Formula Renault 2.0, and GP3), the pilot of the Toro Rosso believes that these meetings were not as problematic: There are more day care in the Formula 1 in the lower categories. That is the problem, and the most fun. When I was competing in 2.0 or GP3, there was no large child-care facilities as these. It is strange”.