Brazilian GP: Vettel: “it Was a little difficult to find the rhythm”


The high temperatures registered in the asphalt of the Interlagos were a problem for a large part of the drivers and teams of the grill. Ferrari was not an exception, and both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen suffered at the time of finding the balance of the car and the pace, in particular to a return. The margin of this common problem for all pilots, Räikkönen had a Friday especially rugged with a move to the limit with Carlos Sainz that ultimately was not sanctioned, and a problem with a visor of plastic that was trapped in the duct of the brakes.

Sebastian Vettel has insisted on the lack of pace to a back, although the German thinks that the rate among pilots head has been similar, especially in long runs: “I Think that was a difficult day. The track was slippery, the temperature was very hot and I think everyone was struggling with the tyres.” In this aspect, Sebastian Vettel explained: “it Was a little difficult to find the rhythm. In long runs, was a little better for us. I felt confident when we accumulate the most laps in the car. Now we have to do what is best for us”.

The German rider has also claimed that the straight end of the FP2 has been the moment in the best sense in the car: “Towards the end of the day I calm down a little more, because we found the rhythm, which while it was not good for the fastest lap, at least in a long run yes it was. The good news today is that the gaps between riders are very small. Mercedes with all safety, and as expected, it will be a little to the front, but apart from that it seems that we are all together, what is a good omen for tomorrow“.


For his part, Kimi Räikkönen had sensations identical
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, although the day was more complicated for the
Finnish. Räikkönen had a small scuffle on the track with Carlos Sainz, to
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. We have tried different things so that we have the most
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Räikkönen acknowledged feeling more at ease with the tires
soft, especially in the long run made in the FP2: it Is true that
I could only do a few laps with the soft rubber
, but it felt pretty good and
it has the best grip. Unfortunately, at the end of the second session, I had a
problem with a visor of plastic that has obstructed the duct
cooling of the brakes, causing these. Tuve to stop before
time to fix this problem