Break the bank, a Ferrari 599 GTO will be auctioned for more than 500,000 €

A Ferrari 599 GTO is for sale, and that means that soon this model will beat auction records. Speculation is suffering car market is being revalued certain machines more than anyone had suspected on first purchase, and the case of 599 GTO is one that best reflects this situation. Make a Ferrari 599 GTO is a difficult task, since his appreciation and high demand is causing transactions occur for astronomical prices. And you, would pay € 500,000 for this Ferrari 599 GTO ?


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Waiting to meet his replacement code F12 , the Ferrari 599 GTO remains a reference among super sports

With just 599 units produced for everyone, Ferrari 599 GTO has become one of the modern Ferrari’s most valued and desired by collectors . Their owners refuse to part with them, and those who are tempted, do so for sums over half a million euros. With all this, it is fair to say that the 599 GTO is one of the most special Ferrari ever created by the signing of Cavallino, because in its technical touches of modern classic can be spotted, engine 6.0 V12 atmospheric, and important technological innovations as the system of magnetorheological dampers carbocerámicos or use of brakes.

Ferrari-599-gto-0915-02 Based on the Ferrari 599 GTB , specification GTO born as a prelude to the programs XX, the basis of the experiences of more radical and close driving competition real. But his true potential was in its mechanical configuration, a drive V12 of 5.999cc, atmospheric and vacuum capable of reaching the 670 hp of maximum power at 8,250 rpm (10 hp more than the Enzo Ferrari himself). The transmission fell into a robotized manual gearbox, the latest evolution used by Ferrari in production cars before taking the final report to the dual clutch boxes jump.

Speculation in the classic car: Bubble why and how it affects us

The performance of the Ferrari 599 GTO still spectacular today, and that we are waiting to know the numbers Ferrari F12 Version Speciale that will give relief. The maximum speed exceeds 335 Km / h , the 0-100 km / h in 3.35 seconds down , while the 0-200 km / h just need 9.8 sec .


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Although it may seem strange, Ferrari 599 GTO it aspires to be auctioned at a retail price of between 500,000 and 550,000 € with only 13,700 kilometers . Knowing the price asking $ 700,000 for one of the few Ferrari 599 GTB Manual made, we could cross out this auction of “bargain”. What do you expect to take home a 599 GTO ?

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