Brembo presents its new brake calipers for Alpine A110


brake Caliper presented by Brembo for the Alpine A110

Brembo we presented, in Geneva motor show, your new point of reference in regards to brake calipers, the new ECS (Electromechanical Combined Sliding) for rear axle, while present at the swiss event for the first time.

This new clip gives us many advantages with respect to the brake caliper standard that the equip you in a single unit the function of service brake and electromechanical brake parking, thanks to a geared motor developed by Brembo.

The brand introduced its new patent equipándola in the newly introduced Alpine A110, which will equip that type of clamp for your rear axle, remaining on the front axle with a monobloc calipers four-piston with hydraulic 38mm, signed, of course, by the Brembo brand.


Will have multiple customization options

lightness of this new caliper comes through the employment of the aluminum, both for the body the same as for the bracket, which allowed reduce your weight in 2.5 kg (1,25 kg per wheel) on the rear axle, with respect to the traditional clamps. Which will possess a design attractive and customizable, offering a variety of paint options, although initially it will be available in the color blue that was presented on the new model Alpine.

To ensure the most high degree of security in situations of braking, urgent, has developed a software for control of dynamic braking which provides a greater retention of the vehicle, even for situations in which the clamps they would no longer work, the driver could stop the vehicle using the electromechanical brake.

This clamp also the system provides “Hot-brake reclamp for when the car is parked in a slope. The software will automatically activate the clamp to compensate for the weight of the vehicle, ensuring the car parking on slopes with a high percentage of inclination without having to look at the environmental temperature.


Alpine A110 presented at the Geneva motor show equipped with the new tweezers

The first units of this novel clamp came out of the factory Brembo in the past month of January to be installed in the Alpine A110.