Brexit and the motor industry british: a sector with a turnover of 71.600 thousands of millions of pounds in 2015

How it will affect the Brexit (What is the Brexi? The output of the United Kingdom of the European Union) to the motor industry british? For now it is an open question even as it is going to affect the general economy as to be specific to a sector in particular, there are no known measures and postures that are going to take each one of the two “sides” involved, what we do know is that United Kingdom exported in may 80% of its production of cars and of course, the future for marks that there operate is presented somewhat uncertain.

169.000 people work directly in the production of cars. 80% of the cars are exported:

What tariffs as a deterrent to other countries of the union with the intentions of the referendum?What”free trade”?
we’ll Have to wait to find out but let’s stay with an important fact: currently the car production in the Uk increases, it has grown in may compared with the same period of the previous year a 26.4%, 13.6% in the first nine months of the year, having produced a total of 738.516 cars so far this year (until may)… how do you sustain this industry after the Brexit?

many brands have production centres in the Uk and no, we speak not only of firms of british origin such as Land Rover, Bentley or MINI, but also for brands such as Toyota, Honda or Nissan. 30 firms built cars in the Uk, more than 70 models are manufactured in the neighbouring country, which in addition has more than 2,000 suppliers of components.

Obviously, the motor industry is an important weight in the economy of the country, with 169.000 people directly involved in the production of cars, with 814.000 workers involved in a more general way in this sector and a turnover, in 2015, 71.6 billion pounds. It is said soon.

of course, from the motor industry uk calls on the government stability and to support free access to their market by the brands… now, how to penalize the European Union their output?