Brian Gush confirmed a new Bentley Continental GT3


Brian Gush, Director of Bentley Motorsport, has revealed that
the racing department of the british firm have a project for to launch a new Bentley Continental GT3, although the maximum
responsible for the sports section of the mark has not wanted to set a deadline
accurate for the debut of this GT in competition. In spite of this, this new variant GT3 will come
of the hand of the new generation of the Bentley Continental GT
production, vehicle
that will be presented throughout 2018, which shares a platform with the Porsche
Panamera and that it has already been seen in its test-phase at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Bentley Motorsport has had a presence in the major championships of GT with its Bentley continental GT3 from 2013, experience has also served for the development of the new generation of vehicle production. A model that is based on the platform MSB, same as that used by the Porsche Panamera, and that, therefore, credited with a much lighter weight on the scale. It is expected that the new Continental GT monte orn engine V8 4.0-liter turbo, unit that would be used with the appropriate modifications to propel the variant GT3 competition, model which would not arrive until 2019.


In statements to ‘Sportscars365’, Brian Gush was clear: There’s a new Continental GT, and following their natural cycle, there will be a new race car GT3 based on this model, though I can’t say a term. The awareness of weight is something fundamental between all of the engineers that have worked on the race car and that will move to the model of the street. The requirement of the competition that has defined the design of the race car and what is required of this model helps to design the car of roads. Is a mindset, and the right way to approach things“.

In the same way that the project GT3, Bentley Motorsport is in good health and has its continuity ensured, by the time the brand is not interested in developing a version GTE of the Continental GT: “We are committed to the GT3. It works well for us, but if there is the convergence of GT, it would be required”. In the same way, the manufacturer discards a project to develop a prototype DPi: “we Believe that it is a great concept and the 24 Hours of Daytona showed. If the planets were aligned, I would love to do it, but for the moment, our head is centered in our GT3“.