Bridgestone presents its new tires DriveGuard

Neumáticos Bridgestone DriveGuard

Bridgestone has introduced its new tyre focused on all types of cars. The tire Bridgestone DriveGuard comes to the market with the aim of reducing the risks of suffering a puncture or rupture of part of the tire as well as with the premise of improving the comfort and efficiency of the vehicle by optimizing the maximum possible adhesion and rolling resistance.

During its development, Bridgestone has sought to provide the highest levels of safety and performance to all types of weather conditions. In addition, the composition and materials allow the driver to continue driving although has suffered a sudden drop in the pressure of one tire. Below is a list of the main qualities and advantages offered by the tires DriveGuard by Bridgestone, as we have said above, are oriented to all types of cars.

How do the tires DriveGuard?

From Bridgestone want to point out that these new tires make uses of the latest technology and are at the forefront of innovation. These are your main qualities and operation depending on in what situation we find ourselves in:

Neumáticos Bridgestone DriveGuard

Mobility with low pressure

  • The sides of the tyres are reinforced to support the vehicle in case of a sudden loss of pressure and thus allowing the driver to travel 80 kilometres at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Distance more than enough to get to our workshop you trust.
  • A polyester shell gives the tires maximum heat dissipation and thereby increase the resistance of the same.
  • Have the technology Nano Pro-Tech. A compound that reduces the friction between the carbon molecules and, thus, reduces the generation of heat to help the tire retain its structure in optical conditions during a greater time. It thereby increases the useful life of the tire.
  • The design of the cooling fins on the sides help to dissipate the heat generated to the outside and, therefore, helps to preserve and enhance the security and resiliency of the tire.

Behavior on wet surfaces

  • Its design has been optimised to provide an excellent level of grip on all surfaces with water. To do this it has been distributed in a special way the grooves in the central part of the drawing.
  • The studs of shoulders states ensure an optimal contact pressure thereby improving the superior grip in curves.
  • Thanks to its compound with high silica content and technology Nano Pro-Tech reduces the braking distance mínima.

Neumáticos Bridgestone DriveGuard

Improving the comfort

  • The tires DriveGuard feature a new design of the structure of the landslide, which offers greater capacity for absorption of the bumps and imperfections of the asphalt.
  • An insertion of rubber layers stabilizer optimized and enhanced.
  • Are some tires lighter.
  • Are adaptable to any size.
  • has optimized the stiffness compared with a standard tyre to improve the comfort of the same.