Bring Fiat Grand Siena considers India as substitute line


The Fiat Grand Siena could be the sedan Fiat Chrysler Automobiles which could replace the Fiat Linea in India. The other option is the new Aegea, although neither has a development of RHD.


Fiat-Grand-Siena E he current Fiat Linea already on the end of its life cycle and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles because that way it evaluates replaced in several world markets. In some cases the still unpublished Aegea be his direct replacement, but in some markets India, this new sedan may be too expensive to produce.

The Grand South American Siena could reach India.

In this market, Fiat has already renewed the Grande Punto, which it is now known as Punto Evo, which also won a variant aspect crossover, which called Avventura . But the line is the last missing renew and there is where comes into play the Grand Siena currently is manufactured in Brazil and is marketed in various South American markets.

Fiat introduced last year to Aegea the Istanbul Motor Show , but this is a product that has been designed only for the markets in which the steering wheel is located on the left, right the same drawback as the Fiat Grand Siena , currently only present in markets with LHD.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles must decide which of the two models justify more investment needed for the development of a variant with RHD . For reasons of economy of scale would be logical as ma Aegea, a new product not yet hit the market and that these changes could be marketed not only in India but also in com markets the UK or Australia.

must rule as Fiat improve its sales in India , a market where the brand needs to grow and improve the perceived quality of their products, which in recent years has been one of its greatest drawbacks.



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