Bring me a bucket of popcorn


Formula 1 has just turned sixty and eight studs and the old just do a facelift of aupa. The technician is the first of a few changes that are going to fit in the next two or three years, according to the Liberty to make cash in on your name —freedom— go by liquidating contracts, and begin to tear down the walls of a shabby apartment in london to that in the end they end up looking like a modern loft, new york. While that reaches F1 is doomed as the rest of the world to turn, not to stop, and we enjoy watching how he does it.

how to tour the Formula 1 has emerged with traces relatively clear in the pre-season and has left a trail visible with respect to what we can expect this year. At the operational level FIA has two basic missions: monitor the safety and that every time a computer is too successful to allow the rest to give hunting. For the latter has reestablished a policy that gave excessive wings to Mercedes, as before you gave it to Red Bull, or at the beginning of the century to Ferrari. This year is going to be more equality, it is going to lessen the preponderance of the motors, and allows everything related to the aerodynamics regain value. There is space for the ingenuity, but in the beginning the called to throw stones with force are those of Ferrari and Red Bull. If the first are going to start to repay the 35 million leuros fades in the wind tunnel they bought Sergio Marchionne, Adrian Newey dress blue smiles from his vantage point drawn out by the wind.


anyone think That Mercedes has forgotten how to make a winning car; the raging to the worst not to ravage but to win will win. The account of the old comes out more clear not already to see which are the most kilometres have been done in pre-season but have not broken even a single engine. Lewis says that the favorites are Ferrari, but that will go with that bone Roscoe… there is no more favorite to the own Hamilton and her W08.

“it Is very possible that the bet Marchionne begin to give its fruits

In Ferrari have grown tremendously this winter and if last year didn’t eat a fairing in the form of victory this year is very possible that they could take a trophy of this kind to their dusty display cases. In the preseason the of Maranello’s tend to be noisy, love the owners, and tend to show the best of what we are capable of. Their constancy and the almost total absence of problems of feather do think that the improvement is consistent so that the effort in the winter, silent, in the third season red Sebas Vettel can green their laurels. It is very possible that the bet Marchionne begin to give its fruits in the form of successes, even though they are related. Go to war, a lot, but the usual ups and downs red during the season can hold back your progress. In spite of everything, huge improvement for a team that traditionally tends to digest poorly the changes, even more so when he lost the director of its project to the middle of last year.

The cappings have been the blue. It is not that Adrian Newey is a drone and pass the winter lying to the bartola, but as usual, it stretches much of the development schedule and is presented in the tests with cars very simple that all of a sudden have become more sophisticated in the first few races. If we add to this that his new Renault engine has given them another headache with little problems of youth, it is very possible to not see the real Red Bull up to the landing in the old continent. how to Start evil? That goes, is that until then you will be sharpening the knife, so don’t be fooled. The rules favour them, and if they ended up very well in 2016, wait a bit and you will see how this year will go much better. Attentive to his second half of the season, where the cars blue raised frequently two of every three points the entire calendar.


¿The rest of it? The Williams have given some joy to his people but leave with three handicaps. Have a pilot post-jubileta, Felipe Massa, recovered by major causes that without being pocho, is not the best option for a team that needs to recover. The other, Lance Stroll, is an apprentice that are a little green and this has shown in the tests of pre-season. Sobreactúa in your new car, and although you have to be condescending with that arrives, nor can one expect much of him. With another couple, the net results would be other. Add to this a detail: to climb up in the direction of the podium have to jump over to Ferrari and Red Bull, and this year it’s going to get complicated despite the fact that they have a Mercedes engine. His third, and hidden-in-plain-sight handicap, is… how many races he has won a car with a Mercedes engine that is not a Mercedes from that came the uveseis? The correct answer is: none. It is not that the computer array is not permitted; is that none really struggle with them. To get there first-it’s not just engine, but you need more ingredients.

Toro Rosso will improve with its new powertrain updated in technology and power, Renault will go to more and it’s going to be interesting to see the contribution of the Hulk, the indians going to be hard to keep rooms in a middle zone very close and if they do get, or even if they manage to advance, would be worthy of commendation. In the same frame of mind is one of the surprises of the past year, Haas. The yankees should have stayed back at all but to the surprise of all were carried to North Carolina almost thirty points, something that is not accumulated together during their entire existence all those new teams that arrived in 2010, more Sauber. Chapeau for a few novices whose cars just have stickers, but its suspicious similarity with the Ferrari will make them all the creditors of to be one of the foci of the season.


Sauber will be worse with engines Ferrari last year, are going to suffer, although the savings money will come good, but with more aero, more drag and the power past are going to have a hard time. And What About McLaren-Honda…? well, these best we speak another day, or better, another year. we Only hope that your season ends before the summer and for the cycle european to see your car stranded on the curbs of the circuits is only a bad memory. They are going to suffer, especially in the first few races. No one expected this, not even the most optimistic, and yet they are as at the beginning of 2015. Just have filmed a third of what is programmed in Montmeló, do not have data, nor power, nor reliability, nor anyone happy. See languishing figure of Fernando Alonso, or flourish of Stoffel Vandoorne in these conditions is directly sad. Neither they, nor the F1, nor the fans, nor the team, nor Honda deserve this… but this is what you need.

“¿McLaren-Honda…? well, these best we speak another day, or better, another year”

The ones that are happy are the Mercedes, top favorites with a three-time who do not have anyone to your side in a hurry by a crown, a winning team that works like a swiss watch, with a car that has proven to be the most consistent in tests and that has left traces that are saved cards under the sleeve. The Ferrari, very close to going to war though the general suspicion is that it is very well located it is not easy to be able to fight for the title because… in a similar frame of mind are the cars blue. The RB13 will improve as you progress through the calendar, which can foresee a similar trip but in reverse to the italians, and in the Max Verstappen should begin to turn the tortilla, and overcome an excellent Daniel Ricciardo.


¿Points of interest? The fight between red and blue to remove the scepter to Mercedes, while the champions look on from above. The riot inmate in a Red Bull with two guys very good, the recovery red you should add pepper to a season that promises to be more fun than the previous, and as they go to transform the careers of the new regulation. The news this year in a few cars with more aero, braking and shorter brake wider and large, higher speed cornering, less tyre degradation, new strategies with a single stop, the greater the consumption, and likely problems in this regard, engines almost completely new to Renault and Honda that will bring problems… This year we are going to turn out well, so that get yourself a good load of popcorn, this is starting to heat up…