Bristol Bullet, the new roadster classic british V8-German 367 HP


Teaser announcing the arrival of the model.

TVR is not the only classic brand of british that is in the process of returning to life, because next to the old signature of Blackpool we also found that it is the first project of Bristol after being held during these last five years. Although it is true that unlike TVR, Bristol never close and are dedicated to the restoration of their classic models, during this time, at the same time preparing to be his first model in years.

The new model, which was known until now only as Pinnacle Project (Project Pinnacle), has been presented in the form of a teaser recently, as you can see in the top image, revealing in addition that will be its final name, Bristol Bullet. But what is certain is that the model has already been seen to complete, since the mark had completely camouflaged in the HillClimb at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, the past month of march.

The new Bullet is a roadster look and classical architecture, front-engine, two-seater, and with a few lines that seem to have come from another era. Which is curious, because even with this quirky retro continues to be more modern and that own vehicles that are used to manufacture Bristol until 2011, whose last model was the freakish athletic Fighter equipped with the V10 of the Dodge Viper.


The new Bullet in the HillClimb of the FoS Goodwood 2016.

Although it is true that Bristol was never a conventional brand. Rooted precisely in Bristol, was originally a division more of the former company that made airplanes and engines, the Bristol Aeroplane Company. And from 1960 functioned separately, after the merger of its parent company to form the British Aircraft Corporation, now part of British Aerospace.

Bristol was the company that precisely supplied engines to the AC, which led to the emergence of the iconic AC Cobra when Bristol decided to cripple the manufacturing of these mechanical 6-cylinder, in-line, paving without wanting to the way for the project to Carroll Shelby fructificara with AC.

As a manufacturer of sports, in the last decades Bristol had become a genuine manufacturer of niche, operating in a very particular way, as if time had stopped in its factory. On a certain occasion, a few years before stop the production, a few journalists managed to access the interior of the factory, discovering with surprise that in the entire plant, including the offices, there was not a single computer. The company, like its models, it remained anchored decades ago.


Bristol Blenheim 3, one of the latest models of the brand.

For years, sold through its sole dealer different variants of the same model. The 412 and its derivatives, Beaufighter, Beaufort, and the more recent Blenheim. Coupes, two-doors with the appearance of the seventies and mechanical V8 of american origin that were from that time and until 2011 numerous improvements that not hiding your true nature, a vehicle of the seventies.

The Bristol therefore were not classic cars, they were vehicles such as the Morgan, continued to be manufactured continuously since decades. Interestingly, this was one of its greatest attractions, so despite its high price, only comparable to models from the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini, you have always had in the Uk countless fans, including stars of the stature of the solo of Oasis, Liam Gallagher, fan stated of the brand.

In 2011, a mere 22 employees of the firm had to evacuate to the street after falling into bankruptcy, was acquired by its present owner, Kamkorp, best known for being the owner of Frazer-Nash. In these few years since 2011, the firm has continued to serving their loyal customers, serving as a technical service and restoration of the copies of the trademark, at the same time that I was being prepared for the new model, whose features have little to do with the legacy of the brand.


Equipped with a V8 engine BMW of 367 horses.

The new Bristol Bullet is a roadster is made of carbon fiber, equipped with a V8 engine of 4.8-liter atmospheric origin BMW, curiously, the same N62B48 that is also used in the Morgan Aero 8, or in the Wiesmann MF4, which makes 367 HP and 490 Nm of maximum torque. Interestingly, the first Bristol of the forties already used engines source BMW, the six-cylinder in-line 1.9 litre BMW 328.