British elegance on two wheels: Triumph renews its range of classic models

Triumph presents a renewed range of motorcycle classic introducing changes in the Triumph Bonneville, Street Twin and Triumph Thruxton, with new mechanics, a new part cycle… we teach you the first rumors and pictures of the new catalogue of the Triumph with more class.

5 new models in the Bonneville range

The surname Bonneville pays tribute to the record of speed established in 1956 by the mark on the salt flats of Utah.

This total renovation of the classic range of Triumph is embodied in 5 models completely new start with a new chassis built from the ground up and a new part cycle, with a specific development for each of the 5 variants that make up this range.

in Addition, the engines are also new bill, meeting with two higher handlebars with parallel arrangement and a cooling liquid that cubican 900cc and 1200cc, being still an unknown quantity specifications as their power, their benefits…

In the absence of knowing these details we find that the five new variants are already receiving some vital “at this stage” as the ABS and the traction control (desconectables), in addition to the clutch antirebote and, in the case of the version 1.200, driving modes.


In the absence of knowing the details mechanics we know that the Twin Street has a torque of 80Nm, the T120 105 Nm and the Thruxton 112 Nm

The range of classics is therefore in the hands of a Triumph Street Twin that acts as a model of access, of strokes simple and with a DNA Triumph perfectly recognizable in his constitution, in those reels of classic design, on the covers suspensions, your deposit or that seat straight; a Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black who is responsible to pay homage to the Triumph motorcycles of the sixties, sporting a very classical style and finally a Triumph Thruxton and Thruxton R exercising of alternative sports inspired by the cafe racer of the 50’s and 60’s.

In the case of the Thruxton that DNA sports is palpable, beyond its forms, in a part cycle in which we find Brembo to the position of the brakes, a suspension Showa by signing the front of the bike and a few shock absorbers Öhlins in the train back together with some tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa.

What’s wrong with the Triumph Scrambler? don’t worry, the version of a certain vocation offroad and exhaust high has not disappeared, it is now offered as an alternative to the Triumph Street Twin next to a Brat Tracker, and Urban.


Triumph also promises a circuit kit for the Triumph Thruxton R, but has yet to be detailed in that consists of this kit.

Photo to photo, version to version:

Triumph Street Twin


Triumph Boneville T120


Triumph Boneville T120 Black


Triumph Thruxton


Triumph Thruxton R


Detail Scrambler


Detail Thruxton carenada


Gallery of images of the Triumph classics: