Broadspeed GT, aristocracy Mini


the silhouette of The Broadspeed GT reminiscent of the Aston DB5

only 26 units came to make of this curious car. With a silhouette so unique that it resembles the typical Aston Martin James Bond but in mini version, both in size and engine.

“Broadspeed Limited” is born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and was formed by an entrepreneurial group of engineering automotive industries, founded in 1962 by Ralph Broad, specialized in the improvement and performance of engines for competition. The Team Broadspeed had a lot I am preparing cars like the Mini Cooper and the Ford Anglia.

Between 1965 and 1966 Broadspeed began the development and manufacturing of a short and unique series of cars called Broadspeed Coupe GT, built on the basis of the Austin/Morris Mini (ADO15). We designed a unique body type coupe and were fitted with engines of between 998cc and 1275cc from your car as the donor, the Mini.


During the 70’s Broadspeed continued to be successful in competition with cars like the Ford Escort or the Ford Capri, and later began to use products of British Leyland as the Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Really the competition has been the fundamental pillar of this company. Broadspeed won the British Championship of constructors in 1974, and the following year, his pilot Andy Rouse won the drivers title.

In 1995, “Broadspeed Limited” were purchased by Simon Empson, and in 1996 they moved to Essex. For many years the company has been devoting itself to the complete restoration of a Mini Cooper and all its derivatives such as the Austin Mini Woody Countryman, the Mini Van or the Pickup. Even received a very special order by the nephew of Walt Disney, which was nothing less than a kind of Countryman very modified. During all this period exported more than 1000 units of Mini, fully restored all over the world.

Ralph Broad passed away in September 2010 at the age of 84 years. In the present Broadspeed does not manufacture cars, it manages a kind of marketplace that puts in contact buyers and dealers that offer deals on their cars in Kingdom Unido.