Brown on the Indy 500: “It’s an incredible opportunity for the world of motor”


The presence of Fernando Alonso is creating a considerable buzz around the IndyCar series and the Indianapolis 500-Mile race. And this weekend, on the occasion of the celebration of the third round of the championship with the presence of Fernando Alonso at the circuit of Barber, this expectation has been even more remarkable.

Zak Brown is the principal architect of the agreement with Andretti Autosport to create the back of the McLaren at the Indy 500 with Fernando Alonso and, according to the u.s., it is “an incredible opportunity for the world engine” in the expectation that you are creating and believes that the illusion that the Spanish rider has for this challenge is fascinating to watch. “We have brought them to Gil de Ferran to help Fernando, while working with Andretti is a great opportunity. I had never seen a pilot so excited, dedicated and motivated to run a race”, commented in the press conference to the media on Sunday at the circuit of Barber.

The desire to win

Zak Brown also gave an interview on the podcast of Marshall Pruett in which addressed mainly the complicated moment that is happening to Honda in the Formula 1. According to the Executive Director of McLaren, Honda will end up succeeding with McLaren and asks for patience to the fans to do this. “it Is frustrating, but you know what? So, are the racing engine. I think we are all amazed because we have taken a step back this year. We have millions of followers who give us their support. And then, of course, there are always people who do not understand the situation. I don’t expect you to understand, but I would like to ask for your patience. We’re not going to make drastic changes race to race, but we’re going to get to the top. McLaren and Honda talk internally, and when they do, the desire of victory is palpable”.


“I would like to see McLaren and Honda to run each year, the 500 Miles of Indianapolis”

The thruster unit is the most complex of the current Formula 1 cars and that’s why Zak Brown explains that you can’t expect great progress immediately and it will take time to recover the level that McLaren deserves to have for history. “We have to work with Honda, we have to help Honda. Of course it is frustrating for us, for them, for Fernando (Alonso), for our fans, for our partners. Some things are faster to evolve and you can make corrections more easily. However, the units driving is not one of these things. It is very sophisticated. The time needed to develop and validate, in the last instance is higher than the deadlines that manages a racing team”, said Brown, who completely rule out the possibility that Honda and McLaren parted their ways.

And as a result, Brown hopes that the challenge of the 500 Miles that this will be addressed this year with Fernando Alonso to repeat in the future, because only with the japanese, is something achievable to be suppliers of engines in both categories. “I Hope that in 2018 we will have a car much more competitive in Formula 1 that we made this year. From our point of view, only we would have done this adventure with Honda. I would like to see McLaren and Honda to run each year, the 500 Miles of Indianapolis”.