Brown, optimistic, with the McLaren of 2017: “Honda is getting power”


Zak Brown has become the visible head of McLaren in the last few months, playing a leading role in the recovery of the british team intends to undertake in 2017, not only on a sporting level, but also in the prestige and the sponsorship referred to in.

In an interview granted to Sky Sport, Brown has weighed in on various aspects of the present-day equipment, such as the evolution of the car of 2017 or the progress of one of their technology partners more long-lived: ExxonMobil.

Brown has talked about the role that believes that McLaren should have in the future of the Formula 1, now that Liberty Media has come to take a more innovative approach to the category and its relationship with the fans and the sponsors.

His arrival to McLaren

“it Was very exciting for me to see this sea of people that, in my opinion, are the best in this business. Many of them I know from having raced with McLaren, I have the car of Mika Häkkinen, so there are many familiar faces for me. My message, which I hope will be interpreted as well, was that I am an absolute fan of McLaren and this is why I am honored to be here, I feel that it is a great privilege to be one of them”.

The car of 2017

“everyone is excited, I have been looking at the car in detail and having seen the reports of the car of 2016, and where they have found areas in which to improve, everyone is very optimistic. The last few years have been complicated, but in 2016 they had a good car. Honda is getting good power and, if we can move like we did from 2015 to 2016, we will be on the right path”.

The march of ExxonMobil

“ExxonMobil has been a partner of McLaren for a long time, around 20 years, and before that Shell. So, obviously, the category of fuels and lubricants in the motor sport is critical to your success on the track so sophisticated that they are cars.”

“Unfortunately, ExxonMobil has gone, I was not involved in this, so I don’t have all the information, but the changes happen. Once we had to Shell and then went to Ferrari and others had to ExxonMobil and then they came with us, so that only you have to work and build our future agreement because it is an important partnership, both within and outside of the track”.

The role of McLaren in the future of the F1

“I’ll Be in the Strategy Group. I would like to see McLaren in this new era (with Liberty Media at the helm) as a team that has led the way towards what the Formula 1 is in the paddock, and a lot of credit belongs to Ron (Dennis) for his vision of style, sophistication, technology, etc”.

“I would like to see McLaren, not only do you continue doing that, but also have the same approach of face to the sponsorship and participation of the fans. So, totally, my plan is that McLaren is in and to help lead the industry and what you want to get in the direction of new and innovative ways of marketing. Taking into account my background, I intend to share my opinion there”.