Bruno Senna danced on the snow with a McLaren 570S

Bruno Senna derrapando en la nieve con un McLaren 570S

Get to the wheel of a McLaren should be a sensational experience and hard to forget. Although a server you have never done so, it is possible to imagine that sitting in the position of a driver of a McLaren 570S during a long day will be one of stories that you’ll have your grandchildren next to the most important events of your life. If in addition we’ve been able to do together at the very Bruno Senna and in the snow of the Arctic Circle, it will be your batallita preferred.

The McLaren 570S mounted a propeller V8 3.8-liter that develops 562 HP. All this power is sent to the rear axle, so that in asphalt it is advisable to drive it that touch and without sudden accelerations, etc, especially in relationships short. If on asphalt you have to be careful with the gas, imagine the tact that there are a large esplanade nevada. In this video the Youtuber Mr JWW we will see it continuously from side.

if you do not know who is Bruno Senna, you must know that it is nephew of the sadly disappeared Ayrton Senna (Ayrton and the mother of Bruno were brothers). But not only share a surname, also the fans. Bruno has failed to reach as high as his uncle, but we can say that you do not give anything wrong the car. He has also been piloted in the F1, although without too much success, and has been a winner in GP2 (the anteroom to F1) and also in the WEC.

Bruno makes pilot instructor for the famous Youtuber in this program the mark of Woking named Pure McLaren Arctic Experience. Former F1 driver shows his technique by playing with the pedals and the steering wheel, making the McLaren 570S go completely out of hand during the greater part of the time, although it is true that the Youtuber does not do anything wrong. Since we would like to be able to enjoy a similar car in the snow with Bruno Senna as an instructor and delighting us with their sliding.

Source – Carscoops