¡Brutal! So look more than 10 million euros in half a dozen sports Ford

Imagine a dream garage. Imagine a garage in which they were the best Ford racing in the united States, the most representative, the most desired and the most expensive. In that garage could not miss several Ford Mustang, and not a Ford Mustang either, those who have the signature of Carroll Shelby and emblem Boss. In that garage I could not miss a Shelby Cobra. Nor could we forget, there would be no more, Ford GT40. All of them will be present in a collection of half a dozen sports Ford to be auctioned in Monterey in August, during the course of the Concours d’elegance of Pebble Beach. The big problem, which is not trivial, is that all of them will surpass the ten million euros.

As it could not be less, the most quoted is the Ford GT40 MK1 1966, with the chassis number 1061, one of the few licensed for the street, selected for marketing actions by Ford. It is expected that closing your bid somewhere over € 3 million.

Very special, also, a Shelby 289 Cobra CSX 2473 1964 with specifications of the Competition, and therefore with presence in different careers, many of them with victory in the world championships americans. Its price will be about eur 2 million. Something most of you will reach another Shelby 289 Cobra CXS 2326 1964, that at most it would close the bidding at something over a million euros.


finally, the Mustang. On one hand we have two Ford Mustang Boss 302 Trans Am 1969, and 1970 of races, an icon of the circuitry americans at the end of the sixties. Sport of racing in its day belonged to the official team Shelby, and that are associated with some of the great legends of motorsports in the united States of the time. Each one could exceed one million euros. On the other hand, a Shelby GT350 1966, that starting bid above€ 300,000 would be the most cost effective of this lot.

ford-de-carreras-subasta-05To make matters worse, all of these sports belong to the same collection, the Jim Click Jr, the heir of a long line of owners of dealerships who over several generations have been accumulating a collection of sports spectacular, among which were these six Ford looking for a new owner.

Source: RM Sotheby’s | Photo: Patrick Ernzen

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