Brutal! So the Ford GT roared in the Jarama in Madrid this weekend (video)

‘m not telling you anything new if I tell you that Ford GT is one of the sports that has impressed us and has generated more excitement in recent months. What we saw in Geneva, and suffered a crush. And that’s why we were so keen see for the first time in Spain, in Madrid, in the Jarama during the course of the 24 Hours Ford 2015. There we not only had the opportunity to see static, parked in a booth, but also moving to hear their cries and the sound of the engine starting. And we show you video . Spectacular!

Ford is already working with different prototypes of Ford GT 2016 like this in Liquid Blue blue we saw in March in Geneva.

Ford Spain managed to bring to Madrid the same Ford GT in blue Liquid Blue which was presented in Geneva . Remember that it is not the only prototype that is already rolling. In the United States also he presented in silver gray, and different mules have been seen on public roads, in the process of testing and tuning preceding its release next year. Ford say that Spain managed to bring this prototype to Madrid, because we must bear in mind that present a prototype like this in the circuit of Jarama is an event.

The car just was exhibited for a few hours , on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and was accompanied at all times by officials from Ford, who undertook with great care handling and load it into the truck that will take you back to the United States.

The roar of the six-cylinder vee of this car is simply spectacular almost as much as the car itself. So we improvised this video to try to show you their sound. A sound that is obviously not comparable to the V8 that had traditionally associated with GT40 original, and the remake of the Century XXI . In any case, doubt that we are facing one of the sports most beasts, and against one of the strongest and primary roars, we’re going to hear in a long time in a V6 TwinTurbo will not fit.

In motor Ford GT 2016 : the dreams are dreams, and the Ford GT will be reality in 2016 [1.99901 million]

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