¡Brutal! The Infiniti Q30 for the FX Inspiration: so it looks like the future of the SUV from Infiniti on 32 images

Infiniti continues to amaze us. This time with a prototype really impressive, the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration, that all points and is almost ready to go, without too many changes, to the dealers. If the intuition, and logic, we do not fail, this model would come to be positioned as the new generation of the Infiniti QX50, the compact SUV which once we knew as the Infiniti EX, and that everything indicates will be the next release of the section of luxury of Nissan, after the Infiniti Q30 and Infiniti QX30. But beyond the new model that anticipates this prototype, we should also remember that we are looking at a preview of the line that will follow the new generation SUV from Infiniti.

Infiniti us once again, and fall in love, with a year of spectacular design.

Ready to be submitted in a few hours in the Lounge of Beijing, the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration stands out for its design. Hood elongated, high waist, shapes, and distinctive front face with a big grille and vertical headlights, very compact.

Says Infiniti that this prototype, first of all, it is a statement of intentions about what we still have to demonstrate, especially in regards to the SUV.


beyond the exterior design, that impresses, Infiniti asks us to look in your passenger compartment. Infiniti speaking of space, amplitude, comfort and quality finishes. And beyond that, I think that it is worth us to look a little deeper into what we see on your dashboard.

infiniti-qx-sport-inspiration-08Infiniti also seems to bet on the strategy that more and more manufacturers are supporting in the last years, the of a dashboard is completely digital, supported by an entertainment system and navigation central. A system that seems to mark a point and apart in front of what is already seen in their latest releases, compared to the particular touch screen is divided into two parts from the Infiniti Q50, and the system somewhat more sober employed in the new Infiniti Q30 (see test of the Infiniti Q30 2016).

In the next few days we will know more details about this prototype, to which we must pay much attention to the roadmap to be followed by Infiniti in the next few years.

Source: Infiniti
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