Brutal! This Volkswagen Passat B2 diesel ridiculed mercilessly to a Ferrari 458 Italia (video)

Sleeper , or wolf in lamb slang we use in Spain: said of a car, seemingly harmless, hiding enough power to ridicule a Ferrari. And next to that definition should show a photo of This Volkswagen Passat B2, to make matters worse is diesel, as shown by the thick smoke that moves over eclipsing a Ferrari 458 Italia ashamed , which would have required more meters Track of offering this drag race to overcome this makeshift beast. No wonder that the Volkswagen, an eighties family, the ovation is won.

This body Passat Variant B2 diesel engine would have a 1.9 TDI and mechanical preparation of which unfortunately we have no details.

We learned this story thanks to Jalopnik, which already pointed to the fact that this one is used B2 Passat Variant a diesel engine. Remember that we are talking about a family made in the eighties. We know the ins and outs of this mechanical preparation, which are necessarily interesting. After some searching we find that Youtube could have received a transplant, that of 1.9 TDI supercharged via the Twin Turbo .

On Youtube we also find other videos of the Passat Variant B2 almost as crazy as this , but we still have very clear that preparations have been undertaken to achieve these outputs. Someone who can provide more details about it?

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