Budkowski relayed to Whiting as Technical manager of the FIA


Marcin Budkowski has become the new Technical manager of the FIA, a role that up until now was Charlie Whiting. In this way, the ex-engineer aerodynamic Ferrari and McLaren will assume the task of mediating between the governing body and the teams of Formula 1, in addition to signing the technical guidelines which will report by Jo Bauer and the different technicians of the FIA in the championship. After passing through different positions within the international body over the past three years, Budkowski will assume this task in a time of change within the FIA that are associated with the arrival of Liberty Media to Formula 1.

despite having 39 years, the French of Polish origin Marcin Budkowski has spent a lifetime in the paddock of the Formula 1. Between 2001 and 2007 he worked within the Department of Aerodynamics of Ferrari, to reach in their last stage in Maranello a position of great responsibility. In 2007 ended up in the McLaren as Deputy Head of Aerodynamics, a role that he held until the 2012 season and as the head of this section of the team of Woking in the last two years. Since October 2014 working with the FIA, agency in which he has held different positions.

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