Buemi and Di Grassi put heat the final appointment of the Formula E


Although Felix Rosenqvist and Sam Bird are still remote possibilities of achieving the title of Formula E, everything indicates that the real battle for the championship is a thing of two pilots. Sébastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi arrive separated by 10 points at the ePrix of Montreal, the last double date of the championship. As is logical, both pilots have begun to play their cards before you travel to Canada, and in this aspect, Sébastien Buemi has been agreed in the clash which took in Battersea, where Di Grassi struck against the swiss with the intention of preventing outside champion. Since then, the relationship between both drivers is broken.

Moving the pressure to his rival, Sébastien Buemi recalled the episode lived in London in statements to ‘Autosport’. The pilot of Renault did not hesitate to point out to Lucas di Grassi as the culprit of all the events, insinuating that the brazilian would not act the same way in Canada: “I regarding Di Grassi as a pilot, but they respect what happened in the past year Batttersea. You all know what happened there. If you go though something similar he will not have an easy explanation. can’t afford something like this if it wants to maintain its reputation“.

In this line, Sébastien Buemi added: “last year, instead of saying that I had tried everything and had lost, it happened what happened and not said sorry. Even came to say that I was guilty for having braking soon. I did not like that and I think that was not the right thing. It went from the stripe that day. I’d rather lose with dignity than to try to win in a way as well. Then I could not even look in the mirror. We have had some good battles since then, and for my part there is no problem“.

For his part, Lucas di Grassi has chosen not to make statements and has decided to respond to your opponent through your profile official Twitter with a message that is abstract, but that seems to have as a recipient Sébastien Buemi. The brazilian in particular wrote: “When a dog barks, is that it is scared or restless”. An approach that the pilot of Audi ABT hopes to climb the ten points of disadvantage with respect to the swiss. It will not be an easy task, the whole time Di Grassi has only been finished twice ahead of Buemi in the eight races that have coincided.