Buemi: “To the beginner the car of 2017 may be a shock”


The Formula 1, 2017, is generating a buzz unprecedented as a consequence of the entry into force of a regulation that aims to bring back a Formula 1 is full of challenges, both technical and sporty.

“The F1 will be more difficult to drive”

In this latter aspect, Sebastien Buemi has emphasized the complicated drive which will be the cars of the next season, with much more grip, aerodynamic thanks to the new technical standards and, also, much more mechanical grip thanks to the wider tires. “Clearly the cars are going to be much more rapid, much more
physical. I think that the Formula 1 will be the most difficult of
lead. As a rider rookie, you’ll even be afraid to get on the
car, that is good”
, warns a Buemi who made his debut in Formula 1 in 2009 and competes in the WEC and Formula E.

Buemi is not clear if the quality of the competition will improve to the viewer, but if you think that Formula 1 will again be a challenge for the pilots, something that stopped being so in the past few years. “In terms of spectacle, I cannot say. Cars
will be faster in the corners, slower on the straights, as well
it’s hard to say if we will see more overtaking, but it goes to
be a much greater challenge and that is what is supposed that F1 must
, ” said the swiss to Motosport.

The pilots beginners might be surprised at the physical difficulty and technical that they can assume these new cars, although the existence of the simulators in the present helps to speed up the process of adaptation. “For guys who’ve been around for a few years in F1, you should be fine,
but for new can be a shock. Physically it’s going to be hard and
has not been the case in the last three or four years. The
tires look good, the car seems to fast, in static, I believe
that will be fantastic. More grip, more G (acceleration measurement, 1
g equals force of gravity), more speed in the corners,
all good. The teams will have to adapt quickly, so that
there may be changes in the grill”
, commented Sebastien Buemi, advising of the changes that can occur in the current status of the grill.