Buemi wins the ePrix of Buenos Aires and remains unbeaten


Sébastien Buemi is sweet and has added the victory in the
ePrix of Buenos Aires
, in what marks their third win of the season 2016-17 in the Formula E.
The swiss rider, each ePrix victory, has returned to practice
great master and has taken the victory in Puerto Madero with a certain
comfort, despite starting the race in third position. Jean-Eric Vergne
and Lucas Di Grassi completed the podium
in Argentina, while the hero
local has been able to amend its judgment on the classification. After starting at the end
grill, ‘Pechito’ Lopez has finished in the tenth position.

Lucas Di Grassi managed to sign his first pole in Formula E and the brazilian was asserting its position of privilege on the grid to place his car ahead of Jean-Eric Vergne at the first corner, the whole time the French had to stop the attacks of Sébastien Buemi. all in all, the action lasted barely a sigh because there was a period of ‘Full Course Yellow’ by Adam Carroll, who was nailed in the output and I got booted just before losing a turn. Lucas Di Grassi also lost the lead in the resalida. For his part, ‘Pechito’ Lopez managed to climb two positions after starting last.

With all Jean-Eric Vergne was struck by the lead on the third lap, an action that in turn served to Sébastien Buemi to sneak second, beating both Lucas Di Grassi. To the expectation, and from the fourth position, Oliver Turvey was the only rider able to follow the rhythm of the head, every time that Nico Prost and Nelson Piquet Jr. involved in their own battle they lost a few valuable metres. However, little lasted the joy within the team Techeetah, the whole time Sébastien Buemi ahead of Jean-Eric Vergne, while Oliver Turvey did the same with Di Grassi.


Sébastien Buemi with a pace very superior to its rivals broke the group and escaped to the front of a race in which Jean-Eric Vergne was left in no-man’s land in second position. The battle focused on this point in the third position with Nico Prost attacking both Oliver Turvey, as Lucas Di Grassi, one of the drivers who got FanBoost for the public, a privilege that also gave Daniel Abt and Sébastien Buemi. For his part, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Felix Rosenqvist also joined the group the fight for the podium.

Nico Prost ended by overtaking Lucas Di Grassi before the step a mandatory pit, but he couldn’t do the same with Oliver Turvey, who was one of the first pilots in face the change single. In fact, from their passage through the pit lane, all mimicked the maneuver of the british pilot, except Felix Rosenqvist, who prolonged his stay at the track in a turn to avoid traffic in the pit lane. All in all, the race did not change in the front and Sebastien Buemi maintained his comfortable lead over Jean-Eric Vergne.

behind, Nico Prost will win the game to Lucas Di Grassi and the two pilots of NextEV NIO, the entire time that Nelson Piquet Jr. and Oliver Turvey were slower to make the change of car and they had to settle for fifth and sixth position of the race. The perfect management of the step-by-pit-Renault team e.Dams, however, did not allow Nico Prost get away from his rivals, to such an extent that Lucas di Grassi was struck by the third position of the French pilot shortly after in a move perfect in the first corner of the circuit.


despite the excellent pace of Jean-Eric Vergne on the final straight of the race, the French could not threaten the position of the leader and the course of the laps, allowing the leading relentless of the Formula And stumble into the checkered flag. Sébastien Buemi got the victory in the ePrix of Buenos Aires, added the third win of a possible three and extended his lead in the classification. Jean-Eric Vergne and Lucas Di Grassi completed the podium in Puerto Madero, although in the case of the brazilian his position was in doubt for a possible Unsafe Release on his pit exit.

Nico Prost has closed the ePrix of Buenos Aires is on the fourth
, while Nelson Piquet Jr. has crossed the finish line in fifth place.
Sixth for its part, has been Loïc Duval after living a great battle with his
team-mate Jerome D’ambrosio. However, the battle between the two
pilots of Faraday Future Dragon Racing has cost him face the belgian, as in
the last instance, D’ambrosio was overtaken by Daniel Abt
, that was as well
the seventh position of the race. The area of points the completed Oliver
Turvey after losing a bellows in the second part of the race and José María

Classification ePrix of Buenos Aires Formula E 2016-17

Position Pilot Car Difference
1 Sébastien Buemi Renault e.Dams Renault Z. E 16 37 laps
2nd Jean-Eric Vergne Techeetah Renault Z. E 16 +2.996
3rd Lucas Di Grassi ABT Schaeffler Audi ABT Schaeffler FE02 +6.921
4th Nico Prost Renault e.Dams Renault Z. E 16 +8.065
5th Nelson Piquet Jr. NextEV NIO NextEV Formula 002 +9.770
6th Loïc Duval Faraday Future Penske 701-EV +35.103
7th Daniel Abt ABT Schaeffler Audi ABT Schaeffler FE02 +35.801
8th Jerome D’ambrosio Faraday Future Penske 701-EV +36.335
9th Oliver Turvey NextEV NIO NextEV Formula 002 +37.111
10th José María López DS Virgin DSV-02 +38.206