Bugatti Chiron: Begins production in Molsheim with only 70 units per year


The first Bugatti Chiron will come to the first owners shortly.

Bugatti has begun production of the new Chiron. At a slow pace and leisurely are already being built the first copies that will be destined to customers. The first 12 units of the 220 that were already ordered and that will be built at a rate of 70 per year, little more than one completed per week.

The loving care with which they are assembled, always in a manual way, it is unique in the industry, exactly like its predecessor, the Veyron. In fact, they are manufactured in the Atelier, the production area of the factory of Molsheim, in France. Facilities created ex profeso for the project Veyron in the same population that Ettore Bugatti had its factory.

The process is deliberately slow to pay not only attention to the many details of its construction, consisting of over 1,800 different items, but in addition, the customer you can customize with a wide range of options in its model. Not counting versions one-off or exclusive orders, the catalog of the Chiron has 23 different exterior colors that can be combined with up to 8 variants of finishing of carbon fiber view.


Manufactured by hand at a very slow pace.

In the interior we find only for the natural skin for up to 31 different colors, plus eight options of color for the lining of Alcantara, 30 different stitching options, 18 varieties of carpets and even 11 different colors for the seat belts. To which is added the client really you can apply any color that is not available in the catalog regular.

The manufacturing process of each unit, since start of manufacture to delivery has a duration of approximately six months. To which we must add the previous time to get the production shift.

The factory has an appearance closer to that of a laboratory. Floors and white walls, the pits formed by hydraulic lifts that rise out of the ground, and very few employees, in total, only about 20 take part in the assembly process. Among other delicacies, the Chiron is tested in the power bank the world’s most powerful, capable of supporting the 1500-HP model.