Bugatti Chiron: revealed the impressive consumption of sports 1,500 HP


Bugatti Chiron.

One of the data that we did not know until now the new Bugatti Chiron were their numbers have been officially approved for consumption. A sidelight for a model of this draught, and that their owners are concerned more in terms of the periods of time that you have before you go back to the service station for the issue of pure economic expenditure of fuel.

With a engine of 16 cylinders and 8.0 liters that delivers to 1,500 horses don’t we can expect a fuel consumption figures too efficient, but what of the Chiron, just like its predecessor, it is another world. As everything that surrounds these models.

Interestingly, although its engine delivers more power than its predecessor, the Veyron 16.4 of 1,001 HP, the Chiron improves some of its measures, as is the case of the average consumption. According to the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the u.s., where we have been able to know these data, the average consumption of the Chiron improves slightly the of the Veyron, going from 10 miles per gallon or 23.52 litres/100 km to 11 mpg or 21.38 liters/100 kms, which is an improvement of no less than 2.14 liters/100 kms. Although this improvement, that could be spectacular for any vehicle, it is a little thing in comparison with the consumption of these models, because it is an improvement coded on less than 10 percent.


The new Chiron is slightly more efficient than the old Veyron.

Although it is true that with an increase of power just as brutal as the Chiron, encryption on a fifty percent, there is nothing wrong having managed to descend the consumption, even though it has been only slightly. But that does not mean that the new model is much more efficient in all measures, as we can see in the table, some of their figures get worse slightly the of the Veyron.

Consumption* Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Chiron
23.52 litres/100 21.38 litres/100
Highway 15.68 liters/100 16.80 litres/100
City 29.40 liters/100 26.13 litres/100

*Consumption approved by the cycle-EPA

In the case of urban consumption, Chiron manages to also slightly improve the Chiron, going on a few spectacularly high 29.4 liters/100 kms of Chiron to 26.13 litres/100 kms, no less than 3.27 liters less, an improvement of slightly above 10 per cent compared to its predecessor. Although it is evident that the real improvement of Chiron is that of the performance, but by the time can we not talk about exact numbers, since we still do not know which is the maximum speed of the model.