Bugatti Chiron, the new data is thanks to their future owners


New information we get from the Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is the big launch expected by all, the ultimate in terms of luxury and sportiness over the hand of the French manufacturer. So is your expectation that already has a large number of owners which have not been able to even be mounted in him, but if have seen it in person and have known their characteristics. Thanks to these future owners know more details of the hiperdeportivo.

Only 500 units from 2 million euros

In the first place, saying that according to the latest information the Bugatti Chiron is already reserved for 130 people. A number that has risen quite a bit from the more than 100 that we heard the last time. On the other hand it is said that you will be limited to only 500 units, which makes us think that more than one will be without its Bugatti as keep the reserves of the new Chiron.

Chiron is having a successful start, these 130 bookings prior to its launch as they promise fairly, taking into account that each unit has a price from 2 million, according to the tastes of the owners, the price may be increased to 2.5 million with some degree of ease thanks to the program of customization of the vehicle. By the way, those who have seen the inside say that its cabin is more comfortable and luxurious than the Veyron.

If you want to sell a hiperderpotivo of luxury, the customer must speak of two features: of luxury and performance, and to do this we are going now. Recall that the engine W16 Bugatti has been improved to the “beautiful,” to 1,500 HP and 1,500 Nm of torque, surpassing the larger versions of the Veyron. More ahead we will see a hybrid variant of the Chiron although it is not specified that it will be more powerful, but if more ecological.

We hear performance figures: with the reinvented engine 16-cylinder engine will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,2 seconds and will reach a maximum speed of 467 km/h although in the speedometer you will see the incredible amount of 500 km/h. We talk about the standard version, fear -of the good – gives me when it come to light other higher end versions that break these figures.