Bugatti Chiron What is expected of the successor to the Veyron?


The Bugatti Chiron will exceed in everything to the Veyron

All call Bugatti Chiron, although his name has not so far been confirmed officially. What we do know is in the words of Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of Bugatti, is that the successor to the Veyron will be “best at everything“.

Their goal is to exceed 450 km/h of maximum

A Bugatti will be the best sport on the planet. Since taking into account the amazing features of the Veyron, the Chiron will possess “more power, greater top speed, faster acceleration, design more clean, more luxury. Most of all.” according to the statements of Durheimer. “The new vehicle will offer much better than previous“.

you can Always curl over the curl in terms of interior finishes and luxury is concerned, the design with a good study and taking into account the aerodynamics you can achieve aspects spectacular -the ways of the Chiron were developed by the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept, but handling the figures of performance of the Veyron to overcome it is complicated. But not imposible.


at the iaa In Frankfurt introduced a prototype that anticipates the design of the Bugatti Chiron

No technical details that specify the performance of the Chiron but it is expected that the successor to the Veyron is capable of reaching the 1.500 CV, obviously this majestic amount of power will come from a updated W16 of 8.0 liters tetraturbo direct injection which you will be able to make use of the technology of turbos, electrical, and even some kind of hybridization as other hiperdeportivos, Ferrari LaFerrari, for example.

The figures of performance are almost incredible: from 0 to 100 km/h in a little over two seconds, and will break the record of maximum speed being able to move about 450 Km/h. Apparently, advances in the technology of tires have been the key to achieving these breakneck speeds.

Obviously, Bugatti has in this sense a rival in its sights. We talked about the Hennessey Venom GT, which currently holds the record top speed, a sport based on the chassis of the Lotus Elise with a V8 engine source GM. Although a opponent to measure it is stimulating to keep working duro.


The Bugatti Chiron will be the best sport on the planet

Exceed in everything to the Veyron

we Hope to see an advancement officer of Chiron’s production during the Geneva motor show 2016 which will take place in march. In our section of spy photos you can see some camouflaged units and other not so much as the image that heads the article.

Not only are we looking forward to seeing the new sport of Bugatti, but as this will evolving with the passage of time, beyond himself, as did the Veyron with larger versions as in the case of the Super Sport.