Bugatti has revealed the official figures on consumption of the Chiron

Bugatti has officially made public by the consumption of the Chiron and already you can include that with 1,500 HP may not be a little. It is not surprising that is considering to transform it in an electric, but not only to improve their performance, as I said Wolfgang Dürheimer, CEO of the company italo-French.

despite the fact that the consumption of the Bugatti Chiron is out of all logic if what you want is to go from point a To point B, it has managed to homologate a figure better than the one that marked its predecessor: the Bugatti Veyron. That monster “only” has 1.001 CV consumes a whopping 23.5 liters on average per 100 km

The huge consumption of the Chiron

The consumption approved by Chiron in the combined cycle EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of USA) has been of 21.4 litres per 100 km If you think coldly, it is a consumption good enough taking into account that it is an engine of 16 cylinders, 8.0 liters and four turbos. The slight improvement with respect to the Veyron has been achieved through a system of disable half of the cylinders, the improvement of the direct injection of fuel and the use of turbochargers with electric actuator.

despite having an average consumption better, Chiron spends more than the Veyron on the highway. While the old supercar Bugatti gets a spending 15.7 l/100 km, the most recent rises to 16,8 l/100 km, Just the opposite happens with urban consumption, at which Chiron returns to win with 26,1 l/100 km compared to 29,4 of his predecessor.

Even if the approval is made by the EPA is much more realistic than the cycle NEDC European, the consumption announced by Bugatti would be very difficult to reproduce under real-world conditions. In addition, for many systems for the savings that I add to it, these cars are not meant to be efficient. When operating at full power, are able to consume around 190 liters per 100 km. With a consumption as well, at his side the cars affected by the manipulation of emissions seem to be a Toyota Prius.

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