Bugatti is posed by hybrid systems in order to raise the performance of the Chiron


the successor to The Veyron than 1,500 horses.

the words of The visible head of Bugatti, Wolfgang Dürheimer, a british publication have given rise to thinking that the mark could consider some type of hybrid system to enhance the potential of the current Chiron.

Although it really is too early for the firm to reveal anything about the future variants of the successor to the Veyron, what is certain is that it is possible that we get to see improvements at the technical level in the next 8 years, which is the cycle of life that will have the model, according to the brand itself. His predecessor was not only a variant, a convertible, but that was a version enhanced in the form of the Veyron Super Sport, which raised the performance of the Veyron of 1,001 horsepower to 1,200 HORSEPOWER.

however, the range of the current Chiron is still very young, was presented this same month of march, in Geneva, by what I venture to anticipate versions or special editions is pure speculation. For the moment, in these few months have already managed to find the owner 200 of the 500 units that will be manufactured, which we understand they have all been requested in the specifications that we currently know, body, coupe and engine W16 supercharged 1,500-HP.


Until 2018 will not attempt to beat the speed record.

During his interview with Autocar, Dürheimer stated that during the development of the Chiron came to consider the hybrid systems to raise the performance, however, a thorough development process which involved up to 95 per cent of new components made without the aid of electric the new Bugatti to reach the current figures. Adding that in the case of introducing a new component hybrid, this would not be but to elevate the performance, not to “driving through the city using electric engines, but to add features. Is something that we have in consideration right now. We will see what brings the future “.

The words of Dürheimer are not too clear, but give us at least the hint that the brand could actually be working on it, not only planteándoselo.

The case is that one of the main reasons of the model is precisely
hold the speed record for a production model,
currently in the hands of the Veyron Super Sport with 431 km/h. But by
some reason, until the year 2018 Bugatti will not attempt to beat that mark with
. Is there then a new version of the Chirón even more